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Used office Furniture: How Recycling Furniture Benefits the Environment?

When we hear the term recycling, we generally associate it with plastic, glass, paper or aluminum. Many of us have not heard of furniture recycling, furniture recycling is also possible these days and is slowly becoming a practice across many offices across the globe.


When office furniture gets worn out or damaged or outdated over time, people generally tend to throw it away and buy new furniture. This is however being replaced by the policy of recycling and refurbishing the worn out furniture. Furniture that has become worn out or defected is repaired in such a manner that it can be used just like new furniture. When old furniture is recycled, the worn parts are replaced, repainted and re-upholstered to give the furniture a new look.


While recycling office furniture benefits the businesses by saving their time and money, it is also beneficial for the environment. The following are the ways in which recycled furniture is benefits the environment:

  • Conservation of natural resources: When new furniture is made, a lot of energy and natural resources are used in the form of raw materials for the furniture. Recycling furniture helps to save both natural resources as well as energy because these are not used in recycling of the furniture. Recycling office furniture extend the life of already used materials like wood, steel, fiber, aluminum etc. and therefore a lot of natural resources are protected and conserved for future use.
  • Reduction in solid waste stream: When office furniture is recycled, it brings about considerable reduction in solid waste stream. When office furniture is recycled, fabric, wood, steel and other material used in making the furniture is replaced or returned to market for reuse reducing the solid wastes that need to be disposed.
  • Conservation of energy: Recycling furniture conserves labor as well as manufacturing energy. The amount of labor and energy required to alter an already existing piece of furniture is much less as compared to the labor and energy that goes into manufacturing new furniture.
  • Reduced air pollution: Recycling furniture reduces pollution caused by the manufacturing process. Carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, sulphur oxides, nitrous oxides, volatile organic compounds and particulate matter are all reduced by recycling office furniture. By reducing the amounts of these contaminants, global warming, acid rain, photochemical smog, and other forms of air pollution are also reduced which in turn benefits the environment.


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