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Tri-county office Furniture


Tri-County has been installing new and used panel systems since its inception. Using a panel system is a great way to maximize your office space to fit the most employees you can while still keeping your employees in their own private workspace.
Used workstations are a great way to cut costs and still end up with the same result. Tri-County regularly has a large amount of partitions to choose from and can be customized into almost any set up based upon the space available. Used A-grade panel systems generally run about a third to a quarter of the cost of a new system! Please view some of the used systems we have installed in a business near yours:
used office Furniture Bronx

office furniture westchester ny

office Furniture Rockland County

If you are looking for an upgrade from your old cubicles Tri-County has the answer. Tri-County is a certified dealer for Open Plan Systems. Open Plan is a great alternative to new panels as the cost is reasonable and the product is outstanding. One of the greatest features of purchasing Open Plan Panel Systems is that if you order from within their sustainable series you are helping to recycle old panels that were otherwise going to be discarded and destined to sit in a land fill. Open Plan reuses the interiors of old panels while still using new materials everywhere else the eyes can see. There is also a special discount for ordering from the sustainable series. Because Tri-County also re-furbishes old systems we can offer you a credit for your old system and remove and set-up in the same day! Please view some of the new systems we have installed:
 office Furniture Rockland county

office Furniture westchester

office Furniture Fairfield

used office furniture fairfield

office furniture westchester

office furniture bronx ny

office furniture bronx ny

office furniture bronx ny

office furniture bronx

 office furniture westchester

westchester  office furniture

Office furniture Westchester NY