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15 Jan

How to check used- office furniture piece before buying it?

Purchasing old office furniture pieces is totally “IN” just in case you have been thinking that this type of shopping has become off the trend. Since the demand of all types of furniture is increasing at a very rapid pace in today’s time, both new as well as pre-loved and used pieces are selling off at great speed.


Howbeit, a lot of you still do not accept old furniture pieces for your workstations, thinking that they are huge wastage of money and would also degrade the appearance of your arena. This, however is not true. Times have changed and so have all the things around us. If you carefully observe, you will find that the market place is full of plethora of good looking and well maintained old furniture pieces.


All you need to have is a knack for these items, and buying them wouldn’t cost you much. Since these are available at cost effective and cheaper rates, picking the best one from the lot to fill up your office space will do you great benefit, than you can even think of.


Just in case you have been wondering how to check used office furniture before buying it, here’s your guide:


  • Buying old office furniture in the shop or online, both will serve you in the same manner. Since online shopping industry has upgraded itself extensively, you will not come across any problem while buying any pre loved item from it. All you require is a good and bona fide company to make your dealings with. This will help you in acquiring good quality items.
  • See pictures carefully while trying to purchase. You can always ask the owner or the team to send you more pictures if you are not able to grab insights. Companies usually take pictures from all angles and having a look at them will help you know how the piece looks from all sides.
  • Do not stay in any confusion. Online shopping sites are very helpful, friendly and easy to connect with. You can always write to them if you have any queries about a piece. They would not only give you details about the same but will also assist you with further queries, if any.
  • Compare prices. Look if any other company also has the same piece. Check what their piece looks like and how much are they selling it for. You can always place your decision on the basis of these comparisons.
  • Ask the owner about the usage of the product. Do not forget to check how old it is and also if it requires any changes or fix ups.


Want to buy old office furniture? Get in touch with us at Tri County office furniture to grab your piece today.

08 Jan

Used office furniture: Why large-scale companies must consider it!

While buying office furniture in itself is a big task, what would business men do when told that considering used pieces must also be on the list? Each and every item that needs to be bought has its own set of pros and cons, but which in the end should be bought, depends upon how you plan your budget and requirement.


The battle between the new and pre-used items are on full swing since its very inception. Howbeit, the conclusion of the same is very hard to bring forth since both the sides are equally powerful and crucial in its on way.


Though buying new items, especially, like that of office furniture has a wide range of benefits, choosing used pieces over it will also not harm the purpose of shopping, in any manner.


Take a quick look at the following to know while large scale companies should consider buying used office furniture:


  • Every company looks forward to cut and reduce unnecessary costs, wherever possible. Howbeit, since furniture has a very prime role to play in making the interiors of a workstation appealing and worth-entering, this is one such sector which demands expenditure. But while spending on it is something which comes out as mandatory, nobody till date has every mentioned as to how much should one be actually putting into it. This is exactly where you can bring in used office furniture. In fact, an amalgamation of both new as well as pre used office furniture should be purchased. This will not only give your office a perfect look but will also help you in saving a lot of money.
  • Tactics to operate a low scale company is what helps in its speedy growth and development. The same has to be used with the buying as well. Rummaging the market place is important before you make any investment. On finding, a businessmen will come across a plethora of use furniture pieces which will look as good as the new and fresh ones. Hence, looking for used furniture must always be on the list, because then of course you never know what your hard work can get you to?


Are you looking for some appealing used furniture pieces which are also in good condition? Get in touch with us to come across a huge list of the same. Visit our website today to pick and order.

18 Dec

Ideas for improved office furniture buying experience!

Buying furniture for your home is way different from purchasing it for your work space. Since the environment and the purpose of both the places are entirely different, their requirements also vary due to the same reason.


A work station always has a very serious and formal atmosphere to it, but bright and comfortable enough to motivate employees for bringing out the best in them. The kind of furniture you place in your office has a very strong role to play when it comes to fetching good results from your employees and team mates.


This the main reason why it is said that you need to be very particular with what you buy for it, because whichever item you place in this arena has a huge impact on not only the ambiance but also the minds that are present in it.


Here are certain ideas you can use while buying office furniture for you new office. The same can also be used for the old ones when you think it is time to get a makeover:


  • Start with what you need the most. Furniture like conference tables, recliners and other stuff can come later. What you need the most in your new office is a table and chair for not just yourself but the entire team who is going to be sitting in it. Hence, begin with it.
  • If your budget is big and buying plethora of items is what you plan to look forward to. Then do not forget getting some good furniture pieces for the reception area or the room where your clients will be coming to meet you. A good set of furniture for this special arena will do wonders to your business. Ponder on it and let this place look unique and appealing.
  • Buy as per your employee’s comfort and convenience. Do not pick anything that will cause them trouble or discomfort. Their routine sitting set needs to be very comfortable and good so that they can enjoy working in their space.
  • You can add partitions to your office if it is small. Even the big ones can have it. These help in adding various benefits to the working environment of a workstation.


Want to order some furniture pieces for your office? We can help you with is. Our company has range of products ready for you in our stock. Browse today to know what these are.

11 Dec

Top office furniture buying mistakes people usually make!

Studies and yearly reports have proven that people usually tend to make big blunders while shopping furniture pieces for their work place. This does not happen due to their lack of knowledge but because not everybody has tried their hands-on office furniture purchasing chore.


Take a glance at the following to know what these common mistakes are and how you can avoid them:


Buying without planning:


It is a good idea to get things done in a timely manner. Getting excited for the first of everything is pretty natural, but taking a risk of this sort to work on your professional front, is something that you must avoid as a business owner. A lot of entrepreneurs buy furniture while thinking of opening an office. In such cases, the wrong pieces are purchased. Either Some of them don’t fit due to the wrong size, or the ones that are bought don’t turn up of any use to their place. This perhaps is the main reason why it is said that one must always plan what they want to buy and how. Creating a structure helps in getting things done in a better way. By following this pattern, you do not only purchase within your spending limit but also buy the right kind of items that actually do you good when you put them in use.


Ignoring expert advice:


A lot of us have a habit of consulting professionals before taking any step. But how many of us in actually also follow it by heart? A very few, to be honest. We usually move ahead with what we feel is right and not what is told to us, even if it is a better choice to go with. This is exactly where we fall short. Not listening to an expert is the biggest mistake one can ever commit. Since buying is something that involves a great deal of money, one should never move ahead with it without having proper knowledge of the field, especially when it is about buying a hefty item like that of a furniture. Hence, one must always listen to what the expert has to say. The store from which you are buying your item may also give you a great piece of advice, going by which will prove helpful. You must also consult your employees before going ahead with this shopping spree to know what is required in your work station the most.


Want to get the best kind of office furniture? We will help you choose the finest pieces. Our team at Tri County Office Furniture deals both in used as well as new furniture pieces. For further details, call or mail.

05 Dec

What are the benefits of buying second hand furniture over new ones?

Shopping is one such chore which brings cloud full of happiness and cheerfulness amongst us all. No matter what kind of thing do we need to purchase, anything that we buy in exchange of money, gives us happiness, especially when we are in a dire need of it.


However, even if shopping is one such task which gives us immense pleasure, a lot of us are not able to achieve it completely after buying second hand items. Many amongst us do not even consider buying second hand items a part of shopping, because for them, such items come under the discarded and neglected category. While there are certain people who shop for these elements under some pressure, many of us do not even buy it thinking that they will only turn out to be useless.


While clothes and other items are such items which when bought pre-loved might not turn out to be that good and fresh, furniture on the other hand will never produce such outcomes.


Take a quick look at the below mentioned points to know what are the benefits of buying second hand furniture over new ones:


  • Not all pre loved furniture pieces are shabby, torn or poor in condition and appearance. A lot of them look as new as the new ones and considering them will turn out to be a fruitful choice for those who want a lot of pieces all together, but are short of funds.
  • Second hand furniture pieces can be bought at lesser rates. If you get to buy the best ones out of the lot, then you will stand in an extremely profitable position, such that you will not even achieve by buying the new items.
  • Pre-loved items turn out to be antique pieces at times which come from ancient times. Getting hold of such precious pieces is all about luck. Hence, you must never miss out on your chance at acquiring such items, because you never know what your life throws at you.
  • A lot of items can be bought when you purchase second hand items because these are cheaper than the new ones. All those people who wish to buy plethora of items and do not have much money to spend must only opt for this option.


Want to have a look at some amazing second hand furniture? Get in touch with us today to get your order placed.

27 Nov

Furniture Items Required in Offices

Offices are places where those working spend a lot of time. It is essential that an office be designed in a manner that increases the productivity as well as efficiency of those working in the offices. When it comes to working in offices, furniture is an important aspect that needs to be considered. It is very important to ensure that the furniture being used for working in offices is comfortable and meets the needs of the office staff. The office must be set up with the essential furniture items as per the ergonomics and the needs and requirements of the employees of the office.


An office needs to be furnished with various furniture items. There are several furniture items that are essentially required in offices and without which an office cannot function. The office furniture must also be chosen with care and only after taking into consideration the comfort level of the employees in the office. It is also essential to ensure that all essential furniture items are provided in the office.


Some of the furniture items that are required in an office include:

  • Desks: Desks are essential furniture items required in every office. The purpose of a desk is to provide a flat and smooth surface for the employees to work on. The desks must be placed at proper locations in the office so that other office supplies are close by. It is also essential to make sure that the desks are arranged in an office in a manner wherein there is eough space for the employees to move around.
  • Tables: Office tables are also needed in offices. Most office tables are provided with drawers so that these can be used to store important documents. The office tables are used for writing purposes and for placing files and documents so that these are easily available and accessible.
  • Chairs: Chairs are by far the most important furniture items required in an office. Chairs are needed by employees to sit and work. The chaird are also needed to seat guests and clients visiting an office. It is very important to make sure that the office chairs are comfortable so that the employees can work in an efficient manner.
  • Cabinets: Cabinets are required in offices for storing files, folders, documents, office supplies etc. Usually, the cabinets are made of steel and are very durable and reliable. The cabinets are provided with drawers and partitions so that documents and papers can be stored in a proper manner for easy access.


For office furniture, Manhattan, NY, Tri County Office Furniture offers the best deals. We deal in new as well as used office furniture, Manhattan, NY. Our furniture is made of the best materials and is reliable as well as durable. We provide all types of furniture items for offices to our clients.

20 Nov

How to select furniture for your workstation?

A good-looking furniture is not enough for your workspace. There are millions of other features that your furniture must have to become worthy of entering your office. Selecting a good furniture for your workstation can be a difficult task if you haven’t put your hands on this job, before. There are various elements that you need to check and scrutinize before purchasing something. From quality to appearance and everything that falls in between, all these things have to be considered while investing in something which is going to stay in your workstation for a long span of time.


Here is a list of things that you need to keep in mind while selecting furniture for your workstation to make sure it fits in properly and doesn’t look odd, either. Take a glance at these below mentioned points to know what these essentials are:


  • You need to measure your space before you move out for shopping. Picking up items of the right size is important if you do not want to land on financial losses. Hence, take a scale and measure the area where you plan to put up the new furniture to have an idea of what size should your new buy be of.
  • Be very particular about the comfort. The first that you should check in your furniture is the comfort level it has. Since, the main agenda of placing these items is to relax your body and give your back and hip some relief, make sure whatever you get turns out to be beneficial for all those who are going to sit on it for elongated hours. You can take your employee along if you need further help in this sector.
  • Do not bring an odd coloured item. You need to learn the art of creating combinations. Your office needs to have a specific color scheme and whatever you buy for the space must look good with it. Hence, have all these things in mind when you go out to look for a new furniture because bringing something that looks awkward appearance wise will put you into major troubles and losses.


Want to get a new furniture set for your workstation? We have a range of furniture pieces in our store. Get in touch with us at Tri County furniture to order your piece today. For more details, call or mail.

13 Nov

How to prepare for your office furniture shopping spree?

The thought of shopping can bring abundance of excitement and happiness to each one of us. The problem however lies in the fact, that not most of the times will this chore turn out to be seamless. Purchasing furniture for your office can be highly challenging if you do not plan it before. You need to create a strategy before you begin to make sure that you end up buying the right items at cost effective rates.


Take a quick look at the undermentioned points to know how you can prepare for your office furniture shopping spree:


  • Create a budget for your shopping plan.
  • Prepare a list of all the items that you wish to buy.
  • This list must begin with items that your office needs the most.
  • Begin with basic items first.
  • Take advice from your employees to know what your workstation requires the most.
  • Do not buy instantly. Take time. Have options, compare them with each other to get across the best one out of the lot.
  • Measure your office space. This step is important for it will help you in buying the correct sized items.
  • Have a color scheme or theme in your mind. The furniture that you buy must not look odd with your walls or the kind of setting you have created for your office. Having color preferences in your mind will help buying a suitable and appropriate item.
  • Check if your office requires any partitions. Since partition is also a part of the office furniture, buy them before anything else as they help in creating a structure for your office.
    It is after buying these when you need furniture for your space.
  • Do not buy too many fancy looking items. Each and every office has a specific theme to itself. You need to make sure that you stick to it to make it look even more graceful and lovely. Trying going for sophisticated items at will give your office a serious look. Too many colors might look distracting.
  • Purchase second hand items if your budget is low. Since, a lot of pre loved items are available in good condition, you can give buying such items a thought to acquire what you need in less money.


Are you looking for some antique furniture pieces for your workstation? Get in touch with us at Tri County furniture to acquire range of both old as well as new furniture pieces.

06 Nov

Qualities of Good Office Furniture

Office is a place where most people spend most of their time. It is therefore important that the environment that an office offers is welcoming as well as comfortable. For those working in an office, it is important that the office offers an ambience that makes working easy and convenient. Most employees in the office are known to work in a very productive manner when they get a cozy and good environment to work in.


When it comes to making an office friendly for the employees, the office furniture plays a very important role. Office furniture must be such that the employees feel comfortable when using it. The office furniture in many ways adds life to the office making it possible for everyone to find their own space in the office to work in the most efficient and effective manner.


When it comes to office furniture, most employers either buy new furniture or go in for used office furniture. The furniture that is used in offices must be off good quality and convenient to make use of whether it is new or used. Good office furniture must have the following qualities:


  • Office furniture must be comfortable to use. Used or new office furniture must offer great comfort for those using it. Comfortable office furniture makes working easier as well as more effective. When employees get to use comfortable furniture, they are bound to work more efficiently as compared to when they have to keep making adjustments to the furniture that they make use of.
  • Office furniture must be sturdy. This simply means that the furniture must be made of good quality materials and must be durable. The office furniture must be such that it can be used in all types of working environments. The office furniture must be able to bear wear and tear in the office for a long time without having to be repaired or replaced often.
  • The office furniture must give a professional look. Office furniture must speak for the office and complement the office setting and environment. Office furniture in a way must be representative of the work culture of the office and must offer a great impression of the office.
  • The office furniture must suit the needs of all types of employees in an office. It is important to make sure that the office furniture whether new or used must be such that all employees can make use of it as per their needs and requirements.


Tri County Office Furniture deals in office furniture, Bronx. We offer used as well as new office furniture to our clients. We also make sure that the furniture that we sell is of good quality. Our furniture is durable as well as reliable and can last for several years.

30 Oct

What makes office furniture an integral part?

Furniture is one such item, which if placed in any area, will help in making it look complete and whole. No matter whether it is your house, office or general public area, adding a furniture to all these places will improve not only the appearance of the same but will also proffer a number of benefits in terms of comfort and convenience.


Take a quick look at the undermentioned points to know what makes office furniture an integral part:


  • It is your duty as well as responsibility to increase both morale and productivity of your employees. Since, these two are the key elements of any good employee, working on both these should be your agenda as their head. Having a good furniture for their better efficiency is important. This is the first thing you need to begin with as focus comes with comfort and peace. Office furniture being an integral part, serves all these aims correctly.
  • Potential and productivity need to be boosted each time after a project comes to an end. Since, working on the same thing can drain an employee completely, it is important to provide him a change in the ambiance so that we can begin again, afresh. Since, changing office furniture can act as a great tool in transforming your workstation’s look, considering this option should be taken as a priority.
  • Dividing the office in various segments is important. Since, each department demands a particular kind of privacy from the rest of the departments, it is mandatory that you give them their space for enhanced effectiveness at work. Since furniture and partitions play a great role in performing this segregation, adding them correctly to your office space will help greatly in achieving this goal.


Want to add partitions or new furniture to your office space? Get in touch with us at Tri County office furniture to get the best set of pieces for your workstation. Call us up today or write an email to get further details on the same. You may also take a look at our official website for grabbing information on what we have in our stock, currently. We deal in all kinds of office furniture, so you can also discuss with our team if your needs are specific or unique. We wish to hear from you and your business partners/team mates soon. Till then stay connected!