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15 Aug

Office furniture Bronx: Basic things you need to understand

No workstation will ever be a considered an office until you add furniture to it. Since, this is the most basic thing you need to purchase for it, do not try to delay it for a longer period of time. Office furniture being one of the essentials of your workplace, needs to be planned in advance. Since, a lot of things have to be considered while purchasing this item, you need to make sure that you strategize your shopping well in order to grab the best for your space.


Below mentioned are some points which you must keep in mind to understand the basics of office furniture buying. Take a look at these tips to quickly get deeper insights into the same:


  • There are many stores in the market place that provide good looking and high-quality furniture pieces. But what comes out as a challenging task over here is to find out which store is the best out of all. While there is an assortment of alternatives that you can use to overcome this trouble, the best out of them all is of using the source of internet to search and research.
  • Besides fulfilling the purpose, it is important that you buy that office furniture which suits your workspace. This means not only should the piece look attractive but must also match the walls and the other things kept around. This will put at bay an awkward or odd setting and will make your ambiance much better and positive.
  • Sense of interior decoration is very important if you wish to setup your office in a unique and lavish manner. Since, a lot of people wish to decorate their offices in a creative and stylish manner, you will have to put in great deal of time and good amount of efforts to ensure that your vision gets executed in the right manner.


Are you planning to setup your new office or want to transform your old one into something new and stylish? Get in touch with us at Tricounty office furniture to come across a wide range of furniture pieces. For more details about our stock or further information, call or give a mail. We know how important this shopping is for you and we will make sure that we make it worthy and cost effective for you in every possible way. We look forward to hear from you soon.

07 Aug

Essential Office Furniture

Any office must offer a comfortable ambience so that the employees can work to the best of their abilities. The office furniture must be such that the employees can work using it in the most productive manner. Office furniture must also be placed in the right manner so that it provides enough space for the employees to move around. The office furniture must also be carefully chosen to ensure the reliability and quality of the furniture.


There are a few furniture pieces that every office must have. These include:

  • Chairs: Any office must always have chairs for the employees as well as visitors. Chairs for offices come in various styles and colors. However, one must always choose a style of chairs that offer great comfort when seated. Office chairs must always add productivity to the work of the employees. Office chairs must be selected keeping in mind the ergonomics and the comfort level of the various employees working in the office.
  • Desks: Desks are essential office furniture that every employee of the office needs. A desk is the basic work-station of the employees as it contains everything that employees need to stay organized and on schedule. The desks of the right size must be chosen for any office. It must be ensured that the desk size is such that it allows the employees to work in a comfortable and productive manner. An office desk must also provide storage facilities and ease of access for the employees. The employees must also ensure that the desks are taken care of and must not be cluttered.In addition, standing desks must also be a part of office furniture. Standing desks can be used when one feels tired of sitting for a long time period. Standing desks offer great flexibility to employees to work in a healthy manner and take pressure off the spine.
  • Filing cabinets: Filing cabinets are essential office furniture that ensures that the office does not look cluttered. The filing cabinets are required in offices to store papers, files and other office clutter. Filing cabinets are also used to store office items that may not be used in daily routine. The filing cabinets must be chosen according to the needs and requirements of file and paper storage. These must always be neatly organized and managed. Filing cabinets also make it easy to find important files and papers when needed without wasting time and energy in locating important documents.


Tri County Office Furniture is known for supplying new and used office furniture to offices. We supply office furniture as per the needs and requirements of businesses. Also our furniture is reliable and dependable and of high quality. We ensure our clients of being provided with highly comfortable office furniture for use.

31 Jul

Used office furniture Bronx NY: Learn to save money without sacrificing style and quality!

Many people in this world do not approve of the word “used” because they believe that second hand items are always poor in quality and less worth purchasing. This however, is not true anymore. There could be a time in the olden days where something of this sort might have turned out to be true, but in today’s time when items are available in abundance, you can easily come across used products amazing in quality and fresh in appearance.


Below mentioned are some points which describe how you can save your money while buying office furniture without sacrificing style and quality:


  • Used items, especially when it comes to furniture, are available in the market place in large quantities. Since this item is amongst the basic needs of a person, you will never come across any searchability issue while buying it. The best part is that they are available in both pre-loved as well as fresh stock categories, so you do not have to wait for a long time just in case your budget is not very vast.
  • Most of the people think that pre-loved items have a very old-fashioned look and might also not be very appealing and fresh in appearance in appearance as well as in quality. This however is only a myth. Since, a large number of shops are present in the market place who originate from this industry, make sure that you purchase your pieces from top notch and reliable store in order to grab quality-oriented items. They will not only help you in purchasing a good range of items but will also make sure that you get the best in your budget.
  • You do not have to sacrifice anything while buying used office furniture. Used does not mean less stylish or broken. Even used items can look as new as the freshly stocked ones. All you need to do is search for the right piece that suits your location and background. The rest everything is secondary. Since, big stores these days deal in pre-loved office furniture in abundance, on searching, you will find a plethora of furniture pieces that suit your taste and surpass your expectations.


Are you planning to buy pre-loved office furniture? Come in touch with us at Tri-county office furniture to get an amazing piece for your workstation. To order or know more, call us up today!

24 Jul

Selecting a Reliable Office Furniture Company

Those working in offices, spend most of their time in the office, using the furniture that the office has. This implies that employees of an office need comfortable office furniture so that they can work in the most productive manner. When buying office furniture, there are many factors that need to be taken into consideration so that the right furniture pieces are bought. An important factor to consider when buying office furniture is the office furniture company from which the furniture has to be brought.


It is important to choose a reliable office furniture company and also to know of the fact that not all companies sell the best quality furniture. It is essential to choose an office furniture company by taking the following aspects into consideration:


  • Range of furniture: This is the most important aspect when choosing an office furniture company. In an office, one needs to have different pieces of furniture that are functional and of use. It is best to choose an office furniture company that offers a wide range of furniture items so that one does not have to go from one place to another to look for different furniture items required in the office.
  • Warranty: One must always choose a store that sells furniture with a warranty. This is because sometimes furniture items are prone to damage and breakage and for such items, one cannot ask for replacement or refund is warranty has not been provided. A warranty is offered for a limited time on furniture items by a good office furniture company.
  • Installation and service: One must always select an office furniture company that offers installation and after-sales services on the items sold. This ensures that the company is a reliable one and offers the best services to the clients.
  • Complete information: A reliable office furniture company always offers complete information on the furniture items sold. The office furniture companies must provide a detailed description on the material used in making the furniture item and the life of the items. Companies that provide all such information and details are the ones that can be trusted.
  • Continued service: A reliable office furniture company must always offer continued services to its clients. Sometimes, after-sales services are needed for furniture items as they may need repair. Office furniture companies must make sure that they offer continued services to their clients so that the needs of the clients are met for a long time.


Tri County Office Furniture deals in new and used office furniture. We have been serving our clients with the best quality office furniture since the last 20 years. We are a reliable and dependable office furniture company that meets the needs and requirements of a wide range of clients by offering them best quality furniture at affordable prices.

17 Jul

Used office furniture: Purchase this essential in a smart way

Purchasing used office furniture might not sound very good to everybody. Since this kind of investment does not seem very positive to all, most of the people prefer buying new items over it. Furniture is one such item which demands a great deal of money, whenever one plans to buy it. Since, this kind of purchase requires a solid budget, you sometimes tend of give up your plan due to absence of much funds.


You as a consumer need to understand that used furniture can always turn out to be beneficial for you in the same way if you buy it with the right approach. Below listed are some advantages which you can grab on buying used office furniture. Pay attention and learn what these perks are:


  • You can always buy double the amount of items in the same budget. Since, used items are comparatively cheaper, you can always buy them in great quantities while having the same amount of money in hand. This will help you in adding things to your shopping cart in a cost effective manner.
  • You can always transform them as per your requirement. Since, a lot of you are not able to find the furniture piece you aim for, you want to get certain pieces that you can change as per your own style, vision and need. Buying these items will help you in making these transformations easily and at less rates.
  • Even if you do not have much money, you can feed your need of having furniture at the office. During in initials days, putting much of funds in your business could be a difficult task. At this situation all you can focus upon is getting the basic elements. Since, furniture is one of the most important things you need to get for your workstation, getting used one at this point of time can cover up your requirement easily by not burning your pockets at all.


Have you been looking for used-office furniture that is quality centric and cost-effective? Get in touch with us at Tri county office furniture to acquire some amazing pieces for your work station. Your budget will never be a problem when buying with us. We have a wide range of pieces, so you will definitely get something of your choice when purchasing from our stock. For details, call us up or drop a mail.

10 Jul

Benefits of Buying New Office Furniture

When it comes to setting up a new office or re-modeling an office, the first thing that needs attention is the office furniture. Office furniture is used by employees of the office and therefore needs to be comfortable. When buying office furniture, usually the owners of the office have two options- to buy new furniture or buy second hand furniture. Second hand furniture or used office furniture is a god option as it helps to save money. However, used office furniture does not add any newness to the office.


Many office owners prefer to buy new office furniture for their new offices or for their remodeled offices so that there can be something fresh and new in the office. In addition, new office furniture does have some benefits which include the following:


  • Comfortable: New office furniture is more comfortable. New office furniture is built and crafted to offer maximum comfort to those using it. New furniture for offices is innovative, efficient and more comfortable. New office furniture also adds productivity as employees when more comfortable tend to work more efficiently. The purchase of new furniture is justified by the many benefits that the business gets from the increased productivity of the employees.
  • Warranty: New office furniture always comes with a warranty which is not the case when used office furniture is purchased. Most furniture manufacturers these days offer a warranty to replace the furniture in case it gets damaged. Warranty is insurance for the new furniture and is beneficial as the replacement of the furniture is done without any additional costs.
  • Attracts clients: The look of the office in many ways attracts clients to the business. If the office gives a shabby appearance, clients visiting once will not come again and thereby the business will lose potential clients. New office furniture adds elegance and beauty to the office that catches the attention of potential clients who feel impressed and may want to do business.
  • Space and functionality: New office furniture adds space and functionality to the office. New office furniture is manufactured in such a manner that it looks compact and easily adjustable in any space. New office furniture adds functionality to the office by allowing the employees to work according to their comfort. New office furniture happens to be multi-functional thereby proving to the beneficial for the office.
  • Trendy: New office furniture is trendy and in-fashion and therefore peps up the office environment. New office furniture creates an ambience at the workplace that used office furniture cannot.


Tri County Office Furniture has been providing new as well low-cost and used office furniture since the last 25 years. We are known to provide durable furniture that adds functionality to the office.

03 Jul

Mandatory furniture buying tips to help you plan your purchase efficiently

Furniture is one such element which is required in every property. No matter, how expensive or cheap they are in nature, you will want to buy them for both your office as well as residential needs. Workspaces, these days are designed in a very prolific manner. Since your workstation has a lot to say about your company’s status in the market place and also its working pattern, you as the head, have to make sure that remains updated at all times. This helps greatly in leaving an indelible impression on your colleagues and clients.


Furniture is the one of the best items you can place at your office to make it look, presentable. Not only is this a basic necessity, but also a great tool for occupying your space in the right manner. Putting decorative items might or might not suit your office theme but getting the correct kind of furniture in this place is something which will never look out of place.


Under-mentioned are mandatory furniture buying tips to help you plan your purchase efficiently. Take a look at these points to know how you can land on a quality-centric shopping strategy:


  • A white room can be decorated in an easy manner. Thus if your office space is new and you have currently relocated, then adding some vibrant furniture pieces to it will be the right choice. This will not only add the correct kind of ambiance to your station but will also make the space look better in terms of appearance.
  • Purchase furniture that can tolerate roughness. Since, office people use furniture all the time on a regular basis, you need durable pieces.
  • See what options you get a from a particular shop. You can always speak about your specific requirements so that the right kind of pieces can be put forward for you. This will make buying even more easy and convenient.
  • Be particular about the sizes. Since, this is one of the most important points, you need to make sure you do not miss out on it, at any cost.


Are you planning to get something for your workstation? Get in touch with us at Tri-County office furniture to come across durable and best quality items. Our stock consists of wide range of items which can be checked on our official website. Call or drop a mail for more details!

26 Jun

The Do’s and Don’ts of Buying Office Furniture

Buying furniture for the office is a major project that needs to be undertaken by anyone setting up a new office or redoing an old office. One can buy and order new furniture for the office in a go but this task can be a daunting one because there are several things that need to be considered before buying the right office furniture.


It is not easy to decide the furniture pieces that are required in an office. The foremost consideration isoffice space. One cannot buy furniture pieces that cannot fit into the office space. It is essential to ensure that the furniture being bought can fit into the office space leaving enough room for movement. Also the comfort of the employees working in the office must be looked into so that the right furniture pieces can be bought.


The following are a few do’s and don’ts of buying office furniture:

  • One must never choose looks over comfort when buying office furniture. There are many furniture pieces that look nice and attractive but these are not comfortable. Buying such pieces of furniture will not do any good for the office as the employees using these will not feel comfortable while working. It is therefore essential to try the furniture before buying it so that comfort of the employees using the furniture is assured. It is very essential to buy furniture that meets the comfort needs of the employees so that the employees can work in the most productive fashion.
  • One must consider the comfort needs of all employees of the office and not only the ones who work at high posts. The employees are the ones who will make use of the furniture every day and so the comfort and convenience of all employees is essentially to be considered when buying office furniture.
  • One must not buy office furniture without a plan. Buying office furniture must not be an impulsive task but must be done after taking several factors into consideration like the needs of the furniture, the space available to keep the furniture, the budget, number of employees using the furniture etc. One must plan ahead so that the right pieces are bought to make the office functional.
  • One must never choose price over quality of furniture being bought. There are many furniture pieces that may be available at low prices but the quality of the wood used may not be good. One must avoid buying such pieces as they will not last long. Office furniture bought must be of very good quality as well as durable so that it can withstand wear and tear for long time.


Tri County Office Furniture has been providing new and used furniture to businesses in New York since the last 20 years. We offer the best quality furniture at best prices to meet the office needs of a large number of businesses.

19 Jun

Ergonomic office furniture: How to make a good purchase

Office furniture can be found in various types since these are available in abundance. With time and changing trends, they can now be bought in an assortment of color patterns, style, shape and size.


Talking of ergonomic office furniture, these are what you should look forward to when it comes to buying pieces as per your employee’s requirement. Since these are designed in a special way keeping comfort and convenience on top of the priority list is their only aim.


This type of furniture helps in alleviating all types of physical hindrances that can occur during working hours, leading to distraction. Since it provides expedience to the people who use it, various benefits can be fetched all together through this. Read the following points to know how you can grab these advantages:


  • Buying furniture can be a little tough if you haven’t completed this chore ever in your life. While you can easily buy a fancy, smart and good-looking piece for your home, getting something that will suit your workstation can be a little tricky because there are certain things that have to be kept in mind to make this vision get executed in the right way. Always make sure that you first scrutinize your office well before you begin to shop because you need to understand its requirements well before purchasing anything.
  • Ask your employees about their preferences. Sometimes certain staff members are suffering through physical ailments due to which they cannot adjust in all types of furniture sets. Make sure you get something as per their accordance and comfort level so that they remain happy and content which will further help the company in grabbing good results.
  • Try to buy those products which will remain durable in long run not only quality wise but in terms of appearance too. There are a lot of people who focus entirely either on fetching comfortable pieces or on the ones that are great in appearance. This however is not how you shop in today’s time. With passage of time, the new arrivals have both expedience and great looks together in the same piece. Thus, while shopping make sure you surf well and then decide what you want to buy.


Are you looking for ergonomic office furniture? Get in touch with us at Tri county furniture to get the best items for your workstation. Our stock is not only comfort providing but also extremely good when it comes to appeal and appearance. To have a look at what we have or to place an order, call today!

12 Jun

Used Furniture Checklist

Setting up a house or an office requires one to place furniture items in the different places in the premises. When looking for furniture, one can either buy new furniture or buy used furniture. While many people go in for new furniture altogether, it is to be noted that even used furniture can add the required elegance and beauty to the home and office space. Used furniture does not necessarily mean that one has to buy old and dilapidated furniture. In fact, used furniture may be in very good condition but has been put up for sale because it is no longer required by someone.


When buying used furniture for office or for a house, care must be taken to make sure that the furniture is in good shape so that it can be used for at least 7-8 years. The following is a checklist for buying used furniture:


  • Pictures are not enough: A lot of people when buying used furniture simply buy it by looking at pictures in magazines or on the internet. However, it is recommended not to buy used furniture by simply looking at it once. In fact, care must be taken to make sure that one sees the used furniture in person before buying. One must not buy used furniture by seeing the pictures as one may end up getting broken furniture without any refund of what has been paid for buying the furniture.
  • Look out for termites: Sometimes, people put up their used furniture for sale because it gets infected by termites. When buying used furniture, therefore, one must be careful to make sure that it is not infected by termites that damage the furniture in an irreparable manner.
  • Inspect the damages and paintwork: When buying used furniture, it is also essential to inspect the furniture for damages and paintwork. The paint of the furniture may be chipped or peeled or the furniture may have been damaged in the past. This would mean that the person buying the furniture may have to spend more on the repairs of the damage and therefore buying such used furniture is not worth the value.
  • Check the upholstery: When buying used furniture and especially chair and sofas, one must make sure to check the upholstery of the furniture. The upholstery may be torn, scratched or stained and in such cases, one must avoid buying such pieces. One may have to spend a lot on getting the upholstery cleaned and redone and the used furniture will therefore cost more.


Tri County Office Furniture has been in business for the last 20 years. We offer the best selection of new as well as pre-owned furniture to our clients and make sure that we provide the best furniture at affordable and quality prices.