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08 Jul

How to shop for furniture for your reception area?

Reception areas are one of the first spaces one enters on arrival at your office. Since it is one of the most important places possessed by a workstation, keeping it presentable, comfortable and attention-worthy is important to entice clients. But what one forgets is that is is not the external decoration that counts but the furniture, that makes it what it should be.


Follow these easy points to know what one can do to buy the right furniture for their office reception:


1- Begin with doing the list work first. Write down what you need and in which quantity. From tables and chairs to the reception desk and waiting couch, each and everything must be on the document so you know what your requirement is. 
2- Once you are done creating a list, your next step should be mapping out a budget. This will help you in giving you an idea of the amount of money you can spend. Since this helps you in shopping in a better way, do not avoid using this step. 
3- Measuring your space is important before you go. Since this will help you in gleaning the right fitting pieces, anything you buy keeping in mind the measurements will save you from getting too big or too small furniture pieces. 
4- Your office theme matters. So do not go out shopping blindly. Color coordination is important otherwise the room would look too odd or uncomfortable. Make sure you do not buy anything too tangy or too subtle as per your theme. It should look just right when you place it. In case you are not good at matching colors up, take help from the selling company and they would adjust it well for you.


Are you planning on buying furniture for your workstation? We have everything to cover your reception area well. Call today to know about our stock.

02 Jul

Imperative decisions to make before office furniture purchase

Have you ever regretted buying something? Does it happen usually? If yes, then it is high time you fix the fault. Since shopping demands planning and strategy, it is important that you spend time and effort in getting things, correctly. Buying office furniture can put you in a lot of dilemmas. Because there is plenty of options to pick from, getting your hands closer to the right things might seem like an issue among many others.


There are certain decisions that you must make in advance to get going in the right direction. Office furniture buying can be turned into an easy task with effort and attention to detail. Take a look at the following points to know what you need to look into for developing a successful purchase:


1- Time of purchase: Determine whether or not it is the right time to buy what you are looking for. This is a crucial point and needs your consideration. Buying during the sale season will always prove better. Since every company has its own time for putting out a sale, wait for it to begin to spend your money in a better way.


2- Make a list: Noting down what you need to buy is a healthy way of making a purchase. Since workstations require a lot of shopping to be done, beginning with furniture will help in scaling down your stress extensively. Find what your space lacks and add it to the top of the list. Making a list will help you in finding what is your need and what do you want.


3- Budgeting: Going shopping calls for a pocket full of money. And how do you think are you going to spend your money wisely if you already are running short on it with a long list of furniture pieces to buy? A list along with a rough idea of how much you can spend will help you greatly. Begin with mandatory furniture items to collect everything that your office lacks and requires the most. This will help you in putting your money in the right place and getting all the most required items, first.


Are you struggling with what to buy first? Let us help you get the necessary furniture items for your workspace. Get in touch with our team to seek quick consultation and info on what we have available in our store.

16 Jun

What makes ergonomic furniture important for workspace?

Here are a few advantages of utilizing ergonomic seats at work:


Traditional seats might be one reason why individuals will in general have an off base stance while sitting at their work area. An ergonomic seat mulls over these issues. It has all the fundamental highlights including headrest and backrest that help accurate your posture while sitting. Besides, you can change the stature to sit with your feet level on the floor, knees at an edge of 90 degrees to the floor, and corresponding to the hips. These amendments consequently help you put less pressure on your back and sit in the right manner.


Ergonomic seats are any day more agreeable than ordinary seats since they are easy to use. You can alter all the highlights exclusively to meet your requirements until you're absolutely satisfied with it.


Without neck support for quite a while sitting, you'll create firmness in your neck and shoulder area. This can even prompt complexities like cervical spondylosis. Ergonomic seats have a headrest that underpins your head and neck in any event, when you need to loosen up. This is particularly a decent component for individuals who invest more energy noting calls at work.


Ergonomic seats accompany a backrest that underpins the characteristic bend of your spine. In contrast to normal chairs, ergonomic seats are a little high to help accommodate the whole back. Some ergonomic seats accompany a leaning back capacity that permits you to rest at a point more prominent than 90 degrees.


Normal seats have a hard surface. So when you sit, the chair puts a lot of pressure on your lower back. An ergonomic seat has a decent seat profundity that bolsters the hips and bottom.


All the highlights of an ergonomic seat are movable to oblige various exercises you may perform in your work area. It likewise has a turn include that empowers the client to move around quickly without getting up from the seat or without the need to expand and strain.


To get ergonomic chairs, get in touch with us at Tri-County Office Furniture.

09 Jun

How to look for meeting room furniture?

The requirement for gathering rooms can't be denied. Each association has one such room where all the workers sit together in a joint effort and discuss important office work and projects.


Conference rooms today have taken up various jobs. To keep them simple and adaptable, it will be a smart thought to make them measured. The utilization of good looking yet comfortable and high in quality furniture will be the best.


Consider these points while looking for meeting room furniture:


You have to purchase furniture as indicated by the space that your office possesses. You can't accept huge tables and enormous extras if your place is little. Along these lines, select furniture as indicated by your office space and need. Larger than usual furniture will consume a great deal of void space making the room look littler in appearance.


The state of the meeting table can have a gigantic effect. The seating limit generally relies on it. For the most part, individuals purchase oval formed tables to expand the seating limit of the representatives. On the off chance that you need to have a comprehensive gathering or conversation meeting, go for vessel formed tables. These seemingly insignificant details ought to be thought of while equipping your office.


Pick furniture with appropriate tallness to coordinate your office needs. In the event that you need to keep individuals inside the gathering space for broadened hours then it is critical to give them complete solace and accommodation. Subsequently, tallness ought to involve concern while choosing furniture for your workplace.


Furniture choice is finished by remembering the number of representatives who are going to utilize it. You will require more seats and a wide work area if more individuals are going to utilize it. In the event of fewer individuals, little meeting work areas can be balanced.


What you wish to purchase relies on your need and reason. Along these lines, before purchasing gathering furniture you have to think whether the workers would sit or remain to give their introductions. Do they additionally require space for keeping their records and workstations close to them? Every one of these focuses should be mulled over before purchasing office furniture.

Do you have some important purchases to make for your workstation? Let us know what you are looking for.

02 Jun

How to keep your workplace chaos sorted?

You might be spending a lot of time cleaning your wardrobe and storage spaces at home, but while this has always been your priority, do not forget that your office spaces need this kind of attention and care too. You need to give equal attention to your workspace to keep it clean and properly maintained.


Be that as it may before we talk about capacity, we should investigate how the workspace is changing (and how these two ideas connect together). There are two overwhelming patterns grabbing hold with regards to office spaces:


As the workforce turns out to be progressively remote, the requirement for huge and extensive workplaces is diminishing. With fewer representatives spending a full workweek in the workplace, the measure of the room utilized for work areas and desk areas isn't close to as high as it was 5–10 years prior. That implies an increasingly liberal way to deal with structuring the workplace and workspace is required.


The cutting edge specialist needs a communitarian, moving workspace that doesn't look or feel like a "conventional" office—and that incorporates a home office space. The up and coming age of laborers has introduced the "producer" culture and needs spaces for dabbling to release innovativeness. Groundbreaking associations are reacting by including some sort of "producer space" inside their floorplans.


The times of a work area, seat, and three-cabinet file organizer are a distant memory—regardless of whether you're working at home or arranging an arrival to the workplace. In any case, you despite everything need a sheltered spot to store your things any place you're working.


Capacity ought to be practical and feel regular; the patterns in workspace format and configuration don't take into account massive or single-purpose capacity.


Get in touch with us at Tri-County Office Furniture to get help with your buying needs.

26 May

Office chairs: Ponder on these points before you begin to buy

Buying an office chair might seem like an easy task, but the right quality chair shopping will take from you more than you are able to anticipate. From time to efforts, you will have to contribute to each and everything to make your shopping a successful one. Since chairs have a crucial role to play in your organization, make sure you do not make any mistake while buying them.


Take a look at the following to know how to purchase them in the right way:


  • Sitting in one chair for elongated hours can cause you nagging backache, fighting against which will get really tough if you remain seated on the same chair even after coming across this trouble. Since chairs hold an imperative role in deciding how your spine will be in the future, make sure you put in a lot of time in deciding what to sit on - to not cause any trouble and disturbance to your work routine. Always buy ergonomic chairs for your office needs so you don't keep slouching time and again and get yourself a hunchback by following up daily on this sloth routine.
  • Office chairs are of various types. Going by what you think looks good and extraordinary might not help you all the time. You need to coordinate what you buy with the theme of your workstation to make sure what you are purchasing would not look odd with the office setting. Since these minor things hold paramount importance, pondering on them is crucial for spending your money in the right way.
  • Your cabin chair needs to be different from the one you buy for your conference room. Since many people do not understand the difference between the types of chairs, you will have to look into this domain once before buying what you need to not end up committing the mistake of buying similar chairs for all your rooms.
  • Take a gander at the second-hand chairs too.


Are you planning on buying new office furniture for your workstation and chairs are what you plan to begin with, then get in touch with us at Tri-County Furniture to get your items on economical rates.

19 May

Pre-Owned office furniture: Is it a good option to settle for?

Refurbished or used office furniture is comparatively less expensive than new office furniture. Also, guess what? There are some modest office furniture pieces that look spic and span and you could get new looking office furniture without spending a ton. Indeed, on the off chance that you do broad research when searching for office furniture, you could get excellent second office furniture for a large portion of the cost of fresh out of the new office furniture!


You can utilize the cash you spared to redo the furniture you purchase. Redoing your office furniture empowers you to add an individual touch to your office consequently helping you make the workplace condition you have consistently needed.


Now and again, when you purchase new office furniture, you might be compelled to trust in the idea that your store might need some days or weeks to create or stock what you need and have ordered. This, however, will never be a problem for you will get second-hand furniture for your workstation. In this case, you have the chance to acquire your pieces the same time you select them. This is on the grounds that recycled office furniture is promptly accessible.


With regards to recycled office furniture, you will have a wide scope of items to look over. What's more, their cost will never shoot because of the assortment of variety available, dissimilar to fresh out of the box new office furniture which keeps getting expensive when its demand and supply escalate. This can assist you in making an office area you want without going through a great deal of expenditure.


Are these above-mentioned points asking you to take a look at what second-hand furniture has to offer to you? Do not worry about where to find them. Take a look at our website today to find what belongs to you.

05 May

Factors you must cogitate about while buying an office table

Office table is a basic requirement which can be used for an assortment of reasons. Since these basic office furniture pieces cover for necessities, it is important that one emphasises on them properly and cogitates well before purchasing them to not make a mistake while buying. Buying an office table should never come with compromises as quality has a major role to play.


Read the below-mentioned points to gauge the technique of buying the right office tables:


  • Size of the table is one major factor to reflect on. You need to make sure that every employee gets his/her appropriate and deserved space while working. Giving them some area to breathe and maintain their privacy is important. Make sure you do not buy anything too big or too small. Consider your workstation's total area, number of employees and size required before you order your pieces.
  • Understanding of basics is another crucial factor to ponder upon. Your theme should be taken care of when you begin to select tables. Do not pick something that would look odd with your walls and workstation's color scheme. Try buying subtle and good looking tables that would go with almost every theme so you do not have to put up with the pressure of changing your furniture with a change in it.
  • Quality must always be on top of your priority list. It comes across as a good idea to wait for some time if you are running low on the budget than to buy something which would not last long. Buy durable goods as they will always walk a long way with you. And that's how it turns out economical as well as they don't let you run to shops, time and again.
  • Scrutinise each and every piece well before you get them packed. This is a mandatory job if you are buying something in bulk.


Get in touch with us at Tri-County Furniture to know what is trending and what you can buy within your spending limit. Contact through email or call to seek details, information and suggestions.

28 Apr

Office desk suggestions when working from home

At the point when you choose to start working from home, you have to recognize the best space to set up your home office and afterwards you have to begin outfitting it in a manner which suits your general stylistic theme yet which additionally gives you an agreeable and steady workplace.


It's never a smart thought to sit at the kitchen table and work without a top-notch office seat, however, a great many people center around the seat side of things more than the work area. It's fundamental that you pick the correct office work area for your home working undertakings. In the event that you don't do this, your efficiency will endure and you'll end up losing archives, committing errors, and being far less composed than you would somehow be.


Things being what they are, what is the best kind of work area for a home office specialist? What's more, by what means would it be a good idea for you to orchestrate that work area for absolute efficiency?



You first need to evaluate the measure of room you have. On the off chance that you have a different room which you can use for your home office, you have somewhat more opportunity as far as how you adorn and outfit it. For this situation, you could pick an official office work area and go down the line of ergonomic furniture for complete solace during your working hours.


Be that as it may, you probably won't need your home office to have a similar vibe as a contemporary office in blocks and mortar office space. All things considered, you will discover out of control office furniture decisions which are perfect for home workplaces. PC work areas are a decent alternative, or possibly a corner work area in the event that you need to spare space.


You needn't bother with an enormous work area, so it's ideal to maintain a strategic distance from the huge work areas you would get in your normal office space. Rather, consider the sort of work you're doing and how much space you have to reasonably carry out your responsibility as well as could be expected. You may likewise prefer to consider stature flexible work area, so you can utilize a standing and sitting daily practice and along these lines have a little exercise consistently.


Most standard office work areas work inside a home office, however in the event that you need to keep your general office vibe increasingly laid back and maintain a strategic distance from the workplace y feel you would get at work, look towards inventive work areas and dodge gigantic alternatives. What about glass? It may be tedious to clean however it unquestionably looks like it!


Want to buy new furniture for your home now that you're working from your space? Let us know what you need.

21 Apr

How should you plan to buy furniture for your new office?

Opening a new workstation can be a really exciting task until you have to take everything on your hands and execute it. The chore, in reality, becomes extremely daunting when you come to put plans into action as they consume a lot of money, brain and efforts. Since each and everything has to be established from scratch, it takes ample time to do every task with efficiency and perfection. Furniture buying amidst this is another big task which people find exceptionally important yet confusing. Since furniture plays a crucial role in setting up your office, various pieces have to be bought to make it look complete and worth using.


Take a look at these tips to ascertain how planning should be done before buying office furniture:


1- The first and foremost element to take into consideration is your space. You need to check how big your plot or workspace is and what kind of partition does it require. And while it is not necessary to create different departments and cabins, the thought of the same must cross your mind once before you move ahead so you do not have to re-do your space regretting it later.


2- Once you are done with the design and layout, come on to thinking about the theme as this is what you need to consider next before buying office furniture. Do not buy colors that would look odd with your walls. Make sure you know what you have to buy in advance so you do not end up wasting a shitload of money on useless and ugly looking items.


3- Make a list of all that you need. From the reception desk, waiting area couch, conference table and every small thing in between. You need to have an approximate idea of the number of chairs and tables you need for your employees including cupboards and storage boxes.


4- Once you have the list of what you require, set a budget within which you have to buy each and everything. This will also help you in scraping out things from your list in case it contributes to exceeding your spending limit.


5- Look for companies online and keep 2-3 in the pipeline to compare and then decide.


6- Ask all the necessary questions to the product provider and ensure you check the quality and warranty beforehand to not come across any guilt trips later.


Are you planning on buying office furniture? Do not worry about your budget if you have a lot to buy. We deal in both new as well as old furniture items so we will accommodate everything for you within your spending power. Call today to know what we have in stock currently.