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06 Jun

What are the things which should be kept in the head while purchasing second-hand office furniture?

The office is one important place for a man after his house as he spends the most number of hours in it. It is vital for a man that his office should be comfortable, spacious and attractive. The boring ambiance of the office is not going to attract any kind of client or an employee. The most essential aspect of the office’s atmosphere is office furniture. An office owner should spend proper time and money to design office furniture. There should be a lot of efforts to be put on the installation of office furniture. Here are some useful tips which will help you in buying used office furniture:


  • Reliable: Reliability is one key aspect of buying second-hand office furniture. Before purchasing it, one should check twice the reliability and durability because it is not beneficial to purchase second-hand office furniture if it’s not reliable.
  • Budget Friendly: The other important aspect is that the furniture you’re planning to purchase should come under your budget and one can easily bargain on buying used products.
  • Trendy: It is important to buy office furniture which suits the vibe of the office correctly and it should be trendy. New or second-hand does not matter if the office furniture you’re planning to buy is attractive, trendy and suitable.
  • Faith: One should have immense faith in the shopkeeper from where he is planning to buy second-hand office furniture so that in case he faces any kind of problem then he can expect a solution from the seller.


Thinking to buy office furniture to make your office look attractive and a place to shine then don't think twice contacting Tri-County Office Furniture as we will provide you the best office furniture. We will understand your need for the furniture and suggest you the best for your office. We at Tri County Office Furniture will provide you the suitable furniture which set the right vibe for your office.  You can also call/mail us for queries and details.

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28 May

How is used office furniture a good recourse?

In today’s economic scenario, it comes as no big shock that we are all trying to save money. And if you are planning to set up a new business then it is very obvious that you will try to keep your expenditures and costs down because you would be needing this money to spend on various other kinds of items and services too.


Furniture buying, amidst this, comes as a very basic yet important task that you need to work upon. But since it demands a lot of expenditure from your end, it is always a better idea to look for other alternatives which do not only help you save money but also give you style and fulfil your requirement, ideally.


Buying second hand furniture during this situation proves to be the only recourse. Wondering how? Drill into the following points to grab information:


  • If you are operating one of the companies which like to change its theme and background time and again, then sticking on to the old and used furniture pieces will suit your requirement ideally as you will be able to catch hold of good pieces within your budget.
  • A lot of people have a thinking that second hand furniture will always look shabby and inappropriate. This however is not true. There are various shops and brands that sell these items in good condition. To grab them, all you have to do is look for the right seller and what you need will be yours easily.
  • Think about your priorities. Sometimes a little change in the office when brought through the change of furniture can do wonders. Since paining and change of cabinetry along with décor can turn out a costly task, just changing the furniture will help in giving your office a good look.


Does your work station lack the right kind of furniture and your wallet lack enough money? Do not worry about both when our team Tri County Office furniture is here. Give us an idea of what you require and we will help you find and buy it at affordable rates. For information regarding our new and second hand stock, visit our website or give a call. We wish to hear from you soon.

21 May

What are the things to avoid while buying furniture for the office?

An office is a place where an employee learns, executes his ideas and gets the motivation of doing hard work by pushing the limits of his abilities. For an earning man, the place where he works is equally important to his house as the number of hours spent by him in the office is also high. The office should have a great ambiance, vibe and the surroundings but the most important thing in the office is the furniture, which is being termed as office furniture.  Here are the tips of the things which are supposed to be avoided while purchasing the office furniture:


  • Bad Quality: No matter how fancy any chair or table is looking, but when it is about the furniture of office then one should rely on the quality, not the look. Make sure you’re not being trapped with an attractive look and poor quality.
  • Unplanned Budget: The second thing which should be avoided while purchasing office furniture is the unplanned budget. The budget should be fixed in your mind before even stepping in the furniture shop as this will help you with the expense you going to spend on the furniture and will give clarity of thoughts.
  • Solo Decision: When it is about office furniture, it is important to take everyone's advice because all the employees have to use this furniture. It is always in favor of the boss to ask the advice for the office furniture from his employees.
  • Neglecting Profession: One of the major mistake people often does that they go for fancy office furniture without thinking about the type which will match with the profession for e.g. in a media office it is always important to have creative and attractive furniture and for IT offices, the simple and classy office furniture will work. One should not go off the route when it is about office furniture.


Thinking to buy office furniture to make your office look attractive and a place to shine then don't think twice contacting Tri-County Office Furniture as we will provide you the best office furniture. We will understand your need for the furniture and suggest you the best for your office. We at Tri County Office Furniture will provide you the suitable furniture which set the right vibe for your office.  You can also call/mail them for queries and details.


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14 May

Tips to keep in mind while buying a conference table and chairs!

Buying furniture for your conference room should never turn out as a problem for you if you have a clear vision of how you wish to make it look like. But in case you are clueless about what to buy and how to go about adding table and chairs to this very important room, then here are a few tips that you need to keep in mind to turn out successful in this task.


Take a look at the following crucial tips to drill into the details of buying a conference table and chairs:
  • Always begin with the size of the room. Since the size of your conference table depends upon the size of the room, this is what you need to keep in mind to make this purchase a successful one. Make sure you do not go for a furniture piece that fits from edge to edge as it will make your room look very small and tight. Apart from that, you also have to consider the number of employees who would use the table and the chairs. Hence, make sure that you ponder on both these important points while buying your furniture set as it will help you in buying the correct item without wasting any money on the wrong ones.
  • Once you are done with the above mentioned basic step, carve a budget for yourself. Have a rough idea of how much you wish to spend on this expenditure. This will not just direct your process but will also shape your mind and stride it towards the right place.
  • See the comfort level of the furniture piece that you are buying. Since conference rooms remain occupied often, it should be your priority to see to it that you do not settle down for any uncomfortable piece as attending elongated meetings both for you and your employees will get tough this way.
  • Check the color of the piece you are buying. Make sure it suits the theme of your room and does not look awkward with the walls and flooring at all.
  • Height of the table matters. Thus, look into it attentively.


Are you planning to purchase a conference table/chairs for your office? Do not worry. We at Tri County Furniture deal in both new as well as second-hand pieces. Connect today to know what we have for you in stock.
07 May

What are the types in office furniture?

After home, an office is a place where you spend many hours of your life. The atmosphere of the office triggers your creativity, hard work and confidence so that you can achieve your goals and be professionally satisfied. It is very important to have good vibes in the office so you can work there happily. There are many aspects which are included to make the office a happy place but the most vital thing which completes an office is Office Furniture, so it is very important to have good office furniture. These are the important types in office furniture:


  1. Chairs- Chairs are the major type of furniture which we see in the office. It is important to have a comfortable, durable and reliable chair in the office because employees have to spend good long hours on the chair. The chairs for the office should be purchased keeping comfort in mind because if chairs are not comfortable or proper then they can cause pain in the back which can lead to serious trouble so it is important to have good quality chairs for the office.
  2. Desks – Desk is a wooden setup on which your system and other important documents are being placed. The desk includes cabinets, drawers and a spacious surface so that you can use it to put your work stuff there.
  3. Couch- The couches at workplaces are usually for relax or to be used in the free time. In most of the office, couches are set either in the boss cabins or in the waiting area so visitors can wait in a relaxing manner.
  4. Tables- Tables are needed for sorting of emails, dispatches, temporary housing of files and file tray, holding a meeting of the committee, etc. The table selected for office should be of lightweight and it should be easy to lift it to move around if required. It is necessary, if frequent changes are made, that tables and the other furniture should be light weighted.


Planning to buy office furniture to make your office look attractive and a place to shine then don't think twice contacting Tri-County Office Furniture as we will provide you the best office furniture. We will understand your need for the furniture and suggest you the best for your office. You can also call/mail them for queries and details.

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30 Apr

Modern office furniture: Now get your office the right look!

When choosing furniture for your office, the first thing that should come to your mind is what type do you wish to buy. Since there are various types of furniture one can purchase for office decoration, you will have to look into the categories to pick one that does not only suit your budget but also the theme and aura of your workspace.


A healthy work environment comes when comfort and convenience is provided to the employees. Since these two can greatly emerge from the means of good office furniture, adding the right set of pieces is a must not only for the benefit of the people working within the organization but also for the better appearance of the office.


If you are looking forward to giving your workstation a new look then annexing a few basic pieces of modern furniture will do the work for you. Here's a list of what you need to place first to make your arena an ideal space to work. Take a quick glance:


  • If you are about, to begin with, the purchasing process then making a checklist is the most important pre-assignment that you should work upon. This will not just help you in collecting the details of all the essentials in one place but will also help you put everything imperative on paper. The benefit of this point is that you will remember each and everything important and will also be able to decide what you need to add or remove as per your budget.
  • Table and chair! this set is what you need to buy the first. Since couch and conference tables are secondary items, make sure you never put them on top of the basic items. Buying should be done in a manner that both comfort and looks should be checked. Do not leave aside one to get the other. Since both of them have a strong role to play, work with both parallelly.
  • Apart from the basic table and chair set, a reception table or the couch for the waiting lounge is what you should get next. Howbeit, this comes only if your budget is a big one. In case you are running low on money, forget these items and go for a small eating table where your employees can sit and eat for a while during their break hours.


Are you planning to buy some new furniture pieces for your office? Let us know what exactly do you have in your mind. We at Tri-County Furniture will help you buy quickly and easily. For more info, call or mail us.
23 Apr

Points to avoid while buying furniture for office

The office is one place to concentrate, give your best performance and it enhances your skills. So it is very important for an office to have a positively charged atmosphere, spacious infrastructure, cleanliness and attractive interior. All these points make an office a better place to show your best performance and to spend half of your crucial day there. In the office, the furniture of the office plays an important role in setting the impression and setting the vibe of the office. So while buying furniture for the office always be active. Here are some tips to be avoided while purchasing furniture:

  1. Cheap Furniture

The main aspect which is supposed to be avoided is buying cheap furniture. To save your money you cannot compromise with the office furniture because cheap products are something you can't rely upon them for long duration and it will be difficult for you to change the furniture in a quick session so it’s better to buy furniture with good quality.

  1. For The Sake Of It

Furniture should not be chosen or purchased just for the sake of it. You’ve to research properly to buy the right and suitable furniture for the office as you’re going to spend a lot of time at your working place so it is important to buy it with all heart.

  1. Heavy Furniture

An office is a place where you’ve thousands of employees working under one roof. So that’s why it is important that furniture which is being used in the office should be of lightweight and movable. The chairs, table and the couch should be movable so that it will be easy for employees to drag them from one portion to others if needed.

  1. Old Designs

Always avoid old designs while purchasing furniture because buying trendy and up to date will help you to catch the attention of clients. The trendy furniture always manages to leave a great impression on everyone who comes to the office.

Planning to buy office furniture to make your office look attractive and a place to shine then don't think twice contacting Tri-County Office Furniture as we will provide you the best office furniture. We will understand your need for the furniture and suggest you the best for your office. You can also call/mail them for queries and details.

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11 Apr

Role of Office Furniture

Your office furniture is partner in your success and failure

The office is one place where you spend a good number of hours. It can be easily called as a second home because of the time we spend there. This is why it's very important to have a good vibe in the office atmosphere. The vibes are set by infrastructure and in office infrastructure; the furniture plays a vital role. This is why office furniture should be on point and it is very important for authorities to take special care while setting office furniture. The points which should be kept in the head while buying office furniture are:


Ease and comfort are important in every phase of life. At the workplace, a worker craves for a peaceful environment in order to do his job well and dazzle out with sparkling colors. Wisely selected comfortable office furniture helps an employee to do his job efficiently with a stress-free mind.


There should not be any room for dull furniture when it is about the office. The office furniture should be super trendy, catchy & superbly designed. Latest trends in furniture should be considered when it is about setting the office furniture.


The most important fact that should be there in the head while purchasing the office furniture is that the office furniture should match the vibe of the office. For example, if it's media office then it is very important to have  one catchy and attractive office furniture otherwise don't expect creativity in the low key office.


Durability plays a key role in furniture buying. It is super crucial that furniture should be durable and manage to exist well for a good long time. It should be checked properly that the furniture assembled for office should be durable and long lasting.


It is great to take opinions from your employees as well as partners. Because under one roof of office everyone is going to work together so that is why it’s important to take advices from people who are going to work with you and use this furniture.

Want to buy office furniture on reasonable prices? Then do check out Tri County Office Furniture’s website and shop the best furniture for office. You can also mail/call them for queries and details.

05 Apr

What is the use of buying second-hand furniture for workstation?

Furniture is one of those basic requirements in an office setup that no workstation can afford to avoid. But while there is plenty that one can acquire when it comes to purchasing these pieces, remember buying it will cause you money which you cannot go on to spend unnecessarily in big amounts if you are running low on budget. If you wish to add new furniture to your office and money is something that is keeping you back then consider second-hand furniture is an ideal solution for your problem.
Now the problem here is that a lot of people think that second-hand office furniture is always shabby and untidy in condition. And while this stands true for a few, it does not always come across as the truth in all cases. There are many furniture sellers who have some good looking second-hand furniture pieces in stock too.
If you have been wondering what use will such buying be for you, here is what you need to know:
  • It is not necessary that you have to buy these items and place them in your setup as it is. Buying second-hand furniture is just an alternative that you can use to spend less money on such sort of investment. Since customization is always an open option, you can use the service to transform your piece into something that you have been looking forward to.
  • A lot many times you get to come across that set of second-hand furniture which is vintage and antique. Since such pieces are hard to find in today's time, coming across something of this sort will turn out to be like an added bonus for you.
  • In case your purpose is to fill up an empty space and the piece that you would be putting in there will not be used much, then why spend a lot of money on something that is merely an extra item for you? You can look for good looking, immaculate and tidy furniture pieces for such setup as it will not just fill up your space but also save you a lot of money easily.
Are you looking for furniture to place in your new or existing workstation? Let us know what exactly do you require and we will bring to you a wide-ranging variety in association with your choice and budget. For more details leave us a message or simply ring us up. We are here to serve you all through the year. We wish to hear from you soon.
26 Mar

What should you look for in the furniture while buying it?

Shopping can be a really exciting task until you do not have to put in efforts to purchase something big. Since buying furniture is way different than buying a dress or a food item, make sure you prepare for it in advance so that you do not put yourself in any trouble later on. Purchasing office furniture comes inclusive with various factors. Since a lot of things have to be taken into consideration before finalising what to buy, make sure you do not complete this task in a hurry as it will only result in loss of money.


There are plenty of things that you need to emphasize on while buying office furniture. From appearance, comfort to employees choice and theme, each and everything need to be kept in mind while making a decision. In case this is the first time you are trying your hands on something like this, here's what you should follow to ease down your worries and end up being successful in your task.


Below mentioned points will enlighten you regarding the things that you need to look for while buying office furniture. Take a quick look to seek guidance:
  • Check what your office requires. Try to fill up the basic needs first before moving further to get stuff that will merely add to the appearance of your workstation. Since chairs, tables and partition are the most important elements, make sure you have these in the right quantities.
  • Keep your office theme in mind when buying furniture. Do not buy a piece just for the sake of its beauty. Since such pieces do not get used easily, it will turn out to be a loss at your end. Go for combinations and similar colors in case of contrasts. Do not take any risk when it comes to shades as one wrong buy can ruin the entire impact of your office appearance.
  • Take recommendations from your employees. Ask what they wish to see in the office. Since your workers are the ones to spend their most of the time in your office, do take into consideration their opinions.
  • Check the durability of the item that you are buying. Comfo apart from the durability is another crucial aspect to check before making the purchase.


Are you looking for good looking second-hand furniture pieces for your office? Get in touch with us at Tri County Furniture to get a wide range of options. We wish to hear from you soon.