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23 Mar

How are office furniture pieces selected on the basis of quality and appearance?

The value of workstations and office spaces has not decreased a bit even after the advent of the remote job culture. Since your productivity levels are always better when you are out of your comfort zone, only sitting in such spaces can help you put in your best, no matter what.  


Office furniture pieces do not require too much work if you understand the basics of performing this activity. Since you put in a lot of money in this investment, it’s essential that you also understand how it is to be done correctly for better results.  


Take a look at the following to understand how office furniture needs to be selected on the basis of quality and appearance:  


1- Office furniture doesn’t have to be too stylish. You can go with basic and a little more if your budget allows. Since the main motive of buying this set is to give your employees a comfortable place to sit and work, your aim must always be of getting something extremely convenient and nice. Hence, try checking out these elements first as they would help you keep these for a long time. Since nobody would want to sit on hard seats uncomfortable tables, you will have to change them sooner than you can imagine providing your workers with the right kind of ambiance. However, if you want to invest accurately, the same can only be achieved through getting something that everyone feels gets attached to in a jiffy.  


2- The appearance of the office furniture pieces matter only if the ones you are looking to buy are comfortable and user-friendly enough. Since some of the furniture pieces have great appeal but do not do much in terms of giving people the right kind of convenience and warmth upon seating, getting such types of pieces will only result in loss of money. Hence make sure you do not go after appearance and ensure you check the appeal only after checking the comfort of the furniture you are trying to purchase.  


Get in touch with us to understand what you should mandatorily buy for your office space. Our stock is wide in variety and offers plenty of sizes to make your pick from. Call today!

11 Mar

Office furniture expert advice: How to create an appealing and warm waiting lounge?

If you are running a company that is at a growing stage, and its reputation and image are all that matters to you, then along with work quality what you need to focus primarily on is the look of your space. Since the setup and neatness of your workstation speak voluminously about your working standards, working on this aspect is profusely important for achieving what you have been aiming at.


The waiting lounge is one of the first entered and massively used spaces of an office. Since this is the space that welcomes everyone’s arrival and offers a sitting area for clients, members, and other people, you need to make sure that it is well decorated and set up to ensure optimum appeal and warmth.


Here’s what you need to do to maintain this area of your office:


1- Understand the concept and usage of this space. Since this area is all about giving people a place to sit comfortably while waiting for what they have come, you need to make sure that you give them the right seating arrangement, aura, and vibe to place themselves. Since in their free time they will deeply scrutinize each and every corner of the place and think about it in detail, do not give them much to not like or criticize.


2- Begin with purchasing and placing the most comfortable set of couches and chairs. Since waiting can make a person impatient, giving them the right place to sit is the least you can do to keep them happy and content in their space. Hence, put great time and effort into getting this furniture as any problem with this can put you in a troublesome situation.


3- Some offices do not worry much about the waiting lounges and do the bare minimum to set them up. This, however, must be avoided by you if you truly care about your company and want it to reach greater heights. Since this place is heavily used by a lot of visitors on a daily basis, keeping just a few couches and chairs will not suffice. You need more than that to provide them a comfortable area to sit and this would happen only when you attach some tables to the sitting area as they might want to put their own stuff, and coffee/tea mugs on them. You can also place some fresh flowers and magazines so they can keep themselves engrossed in something or the other until their turn comes.


Are you finding some antique old or new furniture pieces to place in your office’s waiting lounge? Get in touch with us at Tri County Furniture. Call or email today!

23 Feb

Office furniture buying: Top tips on how to set up an ideal workspace

Whether your office is interfering in your employees’ productivity or causing a lot of space issues in the room, the correct furniture pieces and an ideal placement of them can solve a lot of problems in a jiffy.  


A good workstation will not only help you and your office employees work at their best ability but also stay connected to their projects by not getting distracted at all. Take a look at the following points to discover the best tricks to set up an ideal workspace:  


1- Select ergonomic office furniture:

Getting furniture pieces that are organised conducive to employees’ working conditions will help let them concentrate better. Since soft yet comfortable tables and chairs will help them give their best shot, not only will ergonomic furniture improve their efficiency but also increase their energy levels.  


2- Timely upgradation:

Nobody wants to work in dull and sullen places. Since each employee looks forward to a happy atmosphere at work, giving them the right set of things will help lighten their mood and bring betterment in the office aura. Upgrading your office furniture, walls and carpets are the best to begin the upgradation tasks with.  


Getting personalized items for your employees will help keep them happy.. Be it the right document holder or a good lighting, each and everything must be bought keeping in mind the user’s requirement as it would help keep them in their place for an elongated time.  


If furniture buying is a problematic task for you and you often find yourself worrying about what to buy and where to get it from, contact us today to get instant expert help.

Call or email today! We at Tri County Office Furniture try our best to get all the offices the right kind of furniture pieces for their worker’s comfort and better appearance.

10 Feb

Offer suitable office furniture to your employees using these buying tips

A person who does not stay in their workspace for a long period of time might not understand the requirements of those who are confined in the space for elongated hours, regularly. You as a boss might have to run errands, crack deals and give presentations in various venues daily. But those who have to stay indoors have a different set of needs, fulfillment of which from your end is mandatory for their increased productivity levels, improved results at work and health based comfort on top of everything. 


A correct set of office furniture is highly crucial to keep your employees at convenience at all times. However, for this you simply cannot go out to buy what you think is correct. Purchasing the right kind of workspace furniture comes with a lot of effort. Take a look at the following points to ascertain what you need to consider and bank upon for making a wise decision:  


1- The first step towards buying new furniture, especially a work table/chair and couch should be taking employees’ suggestions on what they need and how they want everything to be. This will help get an idea one needs to be bought and in which shape, size and type. Since employees well understand their requirements, jotting down these details from them directly will support in putting your money in the right place and buying something that your employees will enjoy using.  


2- Once you have a clear idea on what you need to buy, make a list of the total furniture pieces that you would be purchasing along with the budget that you have set for this purpose. This action will help you in deciding how much you have in pocket and what you can buy in it.  


3- Search the market place to discover the average price of the items. This will help you ascertain how much you will be able to buy and in case you are eager to complete the list, how much more money you need to buy everything that you wish to purchase for your office space.  


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02 Feb

How to decide on the right chair for an office setting?

Determining the correct chair for office use can be a tedious task because you need to use furniture in various styles and spaces in your work space. Since each arena has its own demand, finding something conducive to the specific need should be a priority.


You can use the following tips to buy the ideal office chair for yourself and your employees:


1- You need to keep your employees' working hours in mind when making a choice. Since the health of your office colleagues and employees depends primarily on this decision, make sure you only choose the right furniture pieces for their spine, shoulders and overall physical health. Since workstations are a second home for many office workers, you can expect fruitful results from them only if you provide good seating arrangements for their work. A good chair not only increases their comfort and convenience, but also prevents them from feeling bored, uncomfortable, sick and irritable all day long. Therefore, if your goal is to keep employees in their place for a long time, you must find good chairs for them.


2- Do not put the fancy chair on the work cabinet. If you are looking for a chair for people to sit and work all day, mainly for daily use, choose some very basic but comfortable and elegant looking.


3- The reception chair must also have the above mentioned features. Since a person will sit there all day, meeting with your customers, colleagues, and employees, you don't want to put them in a difficult or irritable situation. Since their happy expressions will bring a good greeting and meeting environment, please look out for their best interests.


4- The meeting room or waiting room can be placed with better chairs. Although it is always better to place the sofa set in the waiting lounge, you can also use beautiful and comfortable chairs in these areas to make them appear attractive and worth spending a few minutes in. As these rooms make people’s waiting less troublesome and monotonous, provide them with good furniture to get seated on the least when your time is what you are finding difficult to offer.


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27 Jan

Helpful tips to support you pick between old and new office furniture

Your office conditions make the overall productivity of the work environment hugely better and professional. Fortunately, this in no way means you need to go out and buy the latest/mobile, and most expensive furniture. Specifically, you need to ensure that your office design is comfortable and satisfactory. Your employees need an easy workspace so that they can smoothly reach the deadline. In addition, your customers always want to see a complete space, making it easy for them to understand your company and your service standard. You need to choose whether you need new office furniture, or old furniture at any time to give your space the right appeal.


New work space:


When buying all new furniture for an office startup or current space, the price may be too high. In any case, there are some points of interest in buying all new office furniture. With new office furniture, you can build a flow of information to the office that old office furniture may not be able to open. Likewise, your new furniture will not be pre-used and will be protected from premature destruction. In addition, there are several pieces of office furniture to ensure that they can withstand the future harm that old pieces may bring. Hence, longevity is always better in these items and if your focus is on faultless and impeccable variety, then the new collection should be your choice.


Old/used work space:


In any case, you think that you need to customise your office furniture then picking up old pieces turn out the best. If your office setup does not require every perfect part, then by that means, you can save a lot of money by buying a few things that have been previously used. Most importantly, this often allows you to find some extraordinary and unquestionable pieces that add character to your office when buying office furniture. All in all, if your business is trying to go with some organic products and you wish to keep away all the new furniture items that have been constructed though earth deconstruction, then going for old pieces will greatly help.


Do you find difficulty managing and buying office furniture? Take help from us.

12 Jan

How to place new furniture with old items?

When buying new furniture items, you need to make a list of what you need to buy, so you do not end up buying pieces which you already own in a usable condition. This is a great tip for those who are buying a new workspace or planning on shifting to a new arena as in these cases the probability of buying everything new is excessively high.


Unless your motive is to switch to a new theme or make a new heavy budget for a proper office makeover, do not spend unnecessarily on getting new items and try accommodating new and old in your space, together.


Here are a few tips on how you can place your new office furniture with the old one:


1- Take pictures of your old furniture and have their measurements written on your notepad. You will be needing these during your new furniture shopping as you will have to check whether or not they will fit into your space.

2- Since a lot of items you have to place new and old together in the same place, for example a new coffee table with an old guest area couch, you need measurement of the sofa and other seating furniture to ascertain how big or small the table should be.

3- Check the colour scheme and theme of your existing furniture pieces. Since your new should not look completely different to your old setting and must compliment the old ones by either being of the same tone or being a contrasting combination, it's imperative that you pay attention to all these little details for an enriching office furniture buying experience.


Are you in a shopping dilemma? Do not worry if your confusion is office furniture related. We will help you pick the right items for your workspace. Our store offers both new and pre-loved items at good quality and economical rates. Get in touch today.

15 Dec

Office furniture expert: Decor ideas for your new space

Getting a new workspace is a great feeling in itself. However, just buying an area and trying to get all the happiness from it is not enough. Since this task has a lingering workflow, you need to be vigilant and attentive at all times to complete the work efficiently, and then plan to settle down. Purchasing furniture for the new office is one of the first problems to be solved. Since this task requires financial investment, attention, and energy, you need to make sure that you have completed this task before you try anything else.

It’s best to bring in the old office furniture, but if it’s not in good condition, please sell it out first to get a rough idea of your budget. Since your new place needs a fresh look, place old furniture only if it looks good.

Get some tips from experts on how to use the right office furniture to decorate a new office space:

1- Don't rush to buy. Before you start buying, please take some time to check your location. This will not only help you understand what looks good in your environment but will also be suffused you with ideas related to things that can be added to your location to make it look more professional. An office space plays a huge role in providing you with good productivity and ability. Please don't short-sight this and look forward to only providing the best possible results.

2- It is always a good idea to plan for a wall before buying furniture. Although the office always looks best in light and white tones, if you plan to add any colors, add them first so that you can decide on the furniture based on the theme of the workspace. This is a huge decision, and anything that happens off track can cause you huge losses.

3- Measure your space. Do not buy anything that looks attractive to you. Please make sure you know what your space is like and how big or small furniture can be inserted into it to ensure that the things you buy can easily fit into your space without causing too much trouble.

Do you want to make some quick purchases for your office space? Get in touch with us to get a lot of pieces at economical rates.

15 Dec

Office Furniture Tips: A quick start to set up your new workstation

Setting up a new place can get difficult for you as the number of tasks always make it a point to exceed your anticipation. Since working on this area can cause a lot of trouble, you must always begin step by step, taking one area at the time, so you do not mingle everything and end up completing your job with complete ease and success.

Buying office furniture for your workstation needs is one of the first things to contemplate when planning on setting up your workstation. This involves not only deciding what to buy but also ensuring what you are planning on purchasing will suit your needs and the office theme.

Here are a few tips you need to keep in mind when working on making a new space for your work. Take a quick look:

1- Your idea of a workspace might look completely different from the result you get in the end. And this should be completely alright until the time the result is satisfactory. Since a lot of people end up doing a shoddy job because of their lack of interest and organisational skills, ensure you're never one of them even if you're a newbie in this sector. Setting up an office, indeed is a difficult task, but anything when done with good research work, study and strategy will give you fruitful results. And for this situation, your first step should always be of listing down what all do you have to do. This means that you need to make a list of all the tasks that you would be requiring to do, so you are able to complete everything with great care and attention to detail.

2- Once you are done listing down the tasks. Begin with picking up those first which need advance booking systems. Since electricity setup is one of the things which need calling a professional, ensure you get on it in a timely manner. Apart from this, even furniture buying takes some time. since in many cases, delivery takes a week to go, selecting your pieces and paying for them early, helps you get your stuff on time while at the same time giving you enough idea on how much money is left for the other things. Since the maximum amount of budget is spent on buying machinery and furniture, you have to work on these with a good time in hand.

Are you planning on buying office furniture at economical rates? Do not worry. No matter what your budget is, we always have something or the other to offer you. Quality ensured. Call or email today.

17 Nov

Confused between two furniture pieces? You could use some advice.

It's a common phenomenon to feel confused between two things because they attract your eyes or you feel they fit your space, quite well. In such a situation, finalizing any one item can be a perplexing job to take as it will keep things complicated for you.


Office furniture is an important buy. Something you cannot skip due to the primary purpose it serves you with. In such cases, having a confused mindset will drain you. Hence you must use the following tips to ensure you pick the right item. These will help resolve your problems and confusion and further support in making a wise decision:


1- Keep your goal straight when you make such purchases. Putting money into furniture buying is a huge investment. This means that you need to be very particular about what you buy to avoid monetary losses. Knowing your aim and the reason why you are making a certain purchase will help you walk on the right track without digressing or bending towards any faltered notion or idea.


2- There are a few comparisons that you need to ensure what you are buying is absolutely ideal and worthy of your money. In this case, you need to begin by checking the price of both the items. You definitely would have a budget for this purchase and sticking by it is mandatory. Hence, you have to make sure your pick is the one that doesn’t burn your pocket. The second thing to check is the quality of the item. Do not compromise this one big element. You have to check the quality of both the pieces to ensure the one you plan to pick is better than the one you would be leaving in this step.


3- Measurement and size of the item are equally important. Do not buy anything that would not fit in your place, ideally. This is a crucial point and you must work on it seriously.


Are you looking for a furniture piece? Get in touch with us to get the best for your workstation.