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20 Mar

Learn about the major benefits of office partitions

There are many offices that have now started looking forward to office partitions in lieu of walls and slides, because they have recognized the key benefits of placing them in their workspace. Since office partitions proffer an assortment of benefits, considering them for your workstation should now be a matter of priority, just in case you are planning to renovate your space.


Below mentioned are some points which describe various benefits of office partitions. Take a quick look at the below mentioned points to know that these advantages are:


  • Glass partitions are extremely beneficial for the offices because since they are made up of glass at times, ample light can be transferred to the workspace. Since, everybody wants brightness in the place where they work, getting something of this sort will add positivity and cheerfulness to the environment.
  • There are many people who demand privacy in their workstation because they want personal space for focussing on their work. Since, partitions create a distance between two employees and give each one of them certain personal space for working on their respective goals, ample privacy is given to them as anticipated.
  • Placing it is a very practical decision because these do not get permanent. Since they can be removed and placed time and again, your office can be re-arranged as many times as you want and also when the major need arises.
  • It gives your workspace a very appealing look. Since, these look good when placed, it not only gives your office a modern appearance but adds a lot more to it. Now that we live in a time where outlook matters a lot, it is mandatory that we get things of this sort so that the demonstration can be improved.


Are you planning to buy partitions for your office? Get in touch with us at Tri County furniture. We not only have a wide range of options available for you in this category but also have a lot in furniture pieces. Since, we deal in both new as well as second hand items, you will be provided with enough things to choose the one that suits your need the most. In order to know about our current stock and the specials, visit our official website. Just in case you have any queries about the same or you want to discuss with us your special needs, give us a call or drop a mail.

13 Mar

How to fetch right modern furniture pieces for your new workspace

Planning to come up with a new workspace? Well, decorating it by putting the right kind of things can be a little difficult task. Since there are many things that require major consideration, you need to make sure that you do not miss out on anything that is of major importance. While, modern furniture is one thing that your workspace requires the most, you need to make sure that you purchase it in the right manner so that you do not end up being in a loss, by any chance.


Below mentioned are some tips which you must take into account when buying office furniture for your new office space. Take a quick look at them:


Planning is mandatory:

You can execute something well only when you have a strong vision for it. And since, vision comes with proper planning, you need to make sure that you strategize the whole thing well so that you can acquire efficiently, what you have been looking for. When planning to come up with a new workspace, make sure you know what needs to be added to it and in which way so you can shop for it in the correct manner, without wasting any money over it, unnecessarily.


Create a definite budget and have a vision:

Having a particular budget is very important whenever you plan to purchase something. This will give you a limit within which you can buy whatever is required. Thus make sure you plan your budget before moving out to purchase anything. After you are done with your budget planning, the next step is of having a vision of what you want to buy so that you can buy the correct pieces that will suit your office need and appearance, perfectly.


Is furniture buying on your cards? We a Tri county office furniture have a wide range of options ready for you. Since we deal in both new as well as second hand products, you will get ample options to consider in our stock. Not only this, but we also ensure that everything that we have available for you is of good quality and immaculate in condition. You will never come across any sort of trouble even if you purchase a pre-loved item from us. To know more about our stock, visit our website or call at 914-334- 6449.

06 Mar

Take help of these simple tips when planning to buy office furniture

We all understand the value of furniture in today’s time. The current scenario has been shaped in this way not because the pieces are very costly but because its presence in a room is very precious and valuable. To be precise, furniture has the ability to add spark, glory and cheerfulness in your workspace, even when nothing else is exciting in the background.


Choosing the right office furniture is also an art because there are certain tips that you need to keep in mind when moving out for this task. Since, not everybody is aware of what these points are, you need to take a deeper look at the below mentioned tips to know how you can end up buying the right modern furniture for your workspace:


  • Do not just buy for the sake of purchasing. You must know what you have to buy in case you do not want to end up spending extra, unnecessarily. It will be better if you could measure the spaces you want to fit your furniture into so that size issues do not occur once the shopping has already taken place.
  • Be very particular about the color scheme. Your workspace can look really disastrous if you do not shop wisely. Adding a furniture with a very weird color combination can make your workspace look shabby and obnoxious.
  • Choose comfortable pieces for your workers and of course yourself. Since better results at work can be grabbed only when you are put in an expedient environment, it is mandatory that major emphasis is put on this department so that a very comfortable and joyous ambiance is created for the works.
  • Keep in mind the need of your office. Sometimes you need to buy certain furniture pieces because you need them urgently. For example a table for your conference room or any specific seating arrangement for your reception area etc.


Are you planning to go for shopping? Your office might need a look change! Get in touch with us at Tri County Furniture to avail the best items for your workspace. We understand that with time your office also needs alteration and hence look forward to provide you modern furniture pieces at affordable rates. To know more about our stock, both new and pre-loved, either browse our official website or give us a call at 914-334-6449.

27 Feb

Beautify your workspace by adding class and elegance to it through modern office furniture

Your workspace needs to be redecorated if it has become old-fashioned and monotonous by now. Since, every employee looks forward to work in a positive, fresh and happy ambiance it is mandatory that you provide them, what they ask for, if you want to fetch productive results from them, at work.


Adding class and elegance to your office is important if you want to survive in this cut throat competitive market. Since every client wants to hook up with a superior company, you need to make sure that you present yourself in a very stylish and appropriate manner.


Keeping apart the painting needs of your office, adding modern and good looking furniture to your space is something that you should keep on top of the priority list if your aim is to give it an appealing makeover. Since furniture has the ability to bring spark in your area, annexing the right pieces in the correct corners is mandatory. Read the below mentioned points to know how you can beautify your workspace by adding modern office furniture to it:

  • Your reception area needs to look very attractive and appealing. This is beneficial for your business greatly. But how do you think can you give it such a look? Of course, by adding good-looking furniture to it. Since this space has a lot to say about your work and company, make sure that it is presentable enough to portray your image in the right manner.
  • Your workers can bring profit and success to your company only when you work on their needs. Fulfilling their desires and working on their improvement is very important. Since, the basic begins with the kind of furniture you offer them to sit and work, make sure that the right pieces are purchased for them. The chairs must not only be comfortable but also good in quality. The tables should also be bought with complete focus.


Are you planning to buy modern office furniture for your workspace anytime soon? Consider us for your arrangements. We have wide range of options waiting for you, all you have to do is tell us about your needs and pick a suitable item from us. We ensure that all our products are durable, immaculate and good in quality. To know more about our company or our stock give a call at 914-363- 0477.

20 Feb

Reasons why you need modern and good looking furniture for your new workspace

A new venture is never complete without a beautiful looking and an attractive office. Since, this is the first thing that your clients and employees will notice, you need to make sure that you set it up in the right manner by adding all the mandatory and creative items to it.


Furniture being one of the basic necessities, needs to be annexed in the correct way. This means that you have to make sure that you consider only the modern and classy furniture for your new workspace because having items of such kind will enhance appearance of your office, to a great extent.


Below mentioned are some points which state why you should only get modern and good looking furniture for your workspace:

  • Your employees will work with great zeal, energy and motivation only when you provide them a perfect background and ambiance. Since, furniture contributes greatly in setting up an environment of this kind, make sure you buy it keeping in mind the needs and requirements of your workers.
  • The room which will get noticed by your clients the moment they enter your workspace should be really well kept. This means that it must have a classy appearance because this space will have a lot to say about you and your firm’s level. Thus make sure that you put in your best efforts in buying furniture for this area because this investment has a lot to do with the success of your business.
  • Comfort is another important thing that you need to consider when purchasing furniture for your office. Make sure that you do not just run behind what looks good because comfort is another crucial factor that matters a lot. Your workers can never give you productive results, if you do not take care of them in the right manner. Thus make sure that each and every petty detail is taken care of, whenever you move out to purchase office furniture for your new workspace.


Are you looking for good looking office furniture? Get in touch with us at Tri-County office furniture to get a wide range of items. Since, we deal in both new and pre-loved stock, you will get ample options when shopping with us. To know more about our latest stock or to buy from us a piece for your work space, call at 914-363-0477.

13 Feb

Purchase modern office furniture to create a mobile friendly workspace

We all well understand how difficult running a business can be, since there are too many things that demand care and attention, you need to be focussed enough to keep a balance between them all. As an owner, you need to make sure that you provide an updated workstation to your employees so that they remain committed towards the work by staying motivated, fresh and energetic.


Gone are those days when an employee had the capacity of sitting in one place throughout the day without moving at all. The younger generation is way more energetic and enthusiastic. They want to multitask by not just working on their project but also exchanging a few conversations with their co-workers while sipping on some coffee and munching snacks.


This is the main reason which indicates that it is high time we should let go of the old style of office furniture. Since the modern pieces are mobile friendly, a lot of benefits can be fetched through them. Take a quick look at the below mentioned points to know what these advantages can be:


  • Since modern office furniture is designed keeping in mind the needs and requirements of the employees, there are many things that turn out to be highly beneficial for the workers. Take for example a chair, earlier wooden chairs were bought which were excessively heavy and could not be moved from one place to another easily. Now with the passage of time and arrival of new type of furniture, we have friendly chairs. Since these are movable in nature, employees can change their positions frequently by sitting on them for extended hours.
  • Modern office furniture is much more expedient and comfort-giving than the ones you used in your office, earlier. By sitting on them for extended hours, you will not incur any sort of a back/neck pain or other types of problems which usually occur when you spend elongated hours in your office.


Are you planning to buy mobile friendly office furniture for your workspace? Get in touch with us at Tri County Office Furniture. Since we offer our clients a great deal of variety, choosing the one which will suit your office needs, will be a very easy task. Our stock also consists of second hand furniture which are well kept, immaculate and good in condition. To know more about us, call at 914-363-0477.

06 Feb

Attractive and good-looking office furniture: Need of every workplace

We all very well know that furniture is the basic need of every office, however, with passage of time this need has reached new heights where the appearance of these pieces has a lot to say about your work standards. Since, every person wants to have an appealing office, outfitting it by annexing modern furniture is the finest plan you can come up with. Below mentioned are some crucial points which tell why good-looking office furniture has become a superior need of every workstation:


  • Office furniture comes in various types and is used for multifarious purposes, beginning from providing support to employees throughout the day, to adding style and elegance in the reception area of your workstation.
  • Providing a comfortable environment to your employees is of vital importance because that is how strength, motivation and energy to work productively, generates. Just in case, you have a huge crowd working for you, make sure that you offer them the right kind of seating arrangement because that is not only your responsibility but also humanity towards your workers.
  • There are certain rooms in your office which are often visited by your clients. You need to make sure that these places look attractive and beautiful because nobody would like to get settled in a place which is old, dingy and monotonous. Providing your clients, a place that is positive, bright and modern is very important if you want to crack good amount of deals.
  • Renovation is something which you should keep arranging for your workspace. This not only adds spark to your office but also makes sure that the air of freshness, glee and energy remains in your workstation no matter how old your company gets in the market place. Having such an environment is important because it fosters strength and boosts confidence, which obviously is necessary for productive results


Are you looking for a place which can offer you modern office furniture at reasonable rates? Get in touch with us at Tri-county Furniture to acquire the best items for your workspace. We have a wide range of options for your selection process. No matter what your budget is, you will always find something or the other waiting for you at our place. We deal in both, fresh as well as second hand items, so you can shop for your office, as per your requirement, financial base and choice. To know more, call at 914-363-0477.

30 Jan

Modern office furniture: Annex creativity to your workspace

Having a beautiful, vibrant and a good-looking office in today’s time is a need. This has become a matter of vigorous importance because clients judge the standard of your venture by observing the appearance of your workstation.


Modern office furniture will turn out to be just right if you are planning a makeover. Outfitting your workstation by placing some unique furniture pieces will add creativity and style. Apart from this there are many other reasons why should look forward to modern furniture buying. Take a quick look at the under-mentioned points to know about them in detail:


  • In today’s time nobody wants to deal with a company which does not have a creative and appealing workstation. People have developed this mindset with passage of time and now that these thoughts have made permanent places in their brain, it is your duty to adapt this new change.
  • Since every venture demands changes for its growth, with time you have to hire new employees who are well versed with the modern technologies. The problem arises when the employees refuse to work with you just because your office looks pretty old and boring in appearance. In today’s time, the youth looks forward to those offices which are creative and vibrant because that is how they fetch motivation to work and produce positive outcomes.
  • Providing comfort and relaxation to your employees is very important. You have to make sure that you purchase the right kind of tables and chairs for them because they devote a lot of time working for you, at your office. Ensure whatever you buy for your workstation is comfortable and will not incur problems for your employees such as neck or back aches.


Are you planning to replace your old furniture with something bright and beautiful? Get in touch with us at Tri county office furniture to acquire ample options for your shopping spree. We deal in both fresh as well as second hand pieces. Just in case you think that buying pre-loved items is sheer wastage of money, then you must know that all the used furniture articles that we have are as good as the fresh ones. They are immaculate, stunning and good looking. If you are finding something specific then drop a call or mail, in order to discuss with us your buying needs. To know more about our stock, browse our website or ring us up at 914-363-0477. We wish to hear from you soon.

23 Jan

Plan your office design by adding the right kind of furniture

Every new venture demands an amalgamation of various things, one of which is the right décor and ambiance of your workspace. Since a lot of people will be hired to work at your office and also many clients will turn up for various purposes, it is important that you as a head, put best of your efforts in giving your workstation the right kind of appearance.


Furniture being one of the most imperative parts of your place of business has a lot to do with not only the appearance of your workstation but also with the comfort that you want to provide to your employees. There are legions of reasons which depict why you should get the right kind of furniture for your office design. Go through the below-mentioned points to understand them well:


  • Maintaining your own ground is very important if you want to make place for yourself in this highly competitive market. We all know how every company is applying their best in order to achieve the finest possible. To combat failures, it is important that you work on each and every aspect. This also includes the presentation of your workspace. Make sure that you have everything as per the latest trend because the first impression of your office has a lot to say about you and your work’s quality.
  • Inspiration and motivation to produce improved results at work come only when you have the right kind of ambiance. Furniture has a vigorous role to play in this scenario. Since the chair on which you sit and table on which you keep your belongings, are both greatly responsible for making you comfortable, it is mandatory that the right pieces of furniture are placed within your station.


Are you planning to buy certain furniture pieces for your new workstation? Consider us for your shopping! We at Tri-County Office Furniture provide both, used as well as fresh stock. We promise that anything you buy from us will never ask for any sort of replacement. Our items are durable, immaculate and exquisite in appearance. We provide an assortment of solutions to tackle the semblance of your modern office. To know more about out items or for any further queries about the same, you can call us at 914-363-0477. To have a look at what we have in stock, you can browse our website or drop us a mail.

16 Jan

Contemporary Office Furniture for Executive Outlook

For a company to exhibit professional outlook it is imperative to have vibrant office furniture. It forms an indispensible part of corporate glossary. It has become a key determinant in measuring the success of a business. Since it has gained prime value in today’s scenario, you should take it quite seriously. You need to discuss vital and crucial matters with your clients. This is when you have conducive environment for it. Going literally by the old adage first impression is the last impression; clients do notice your furniture prior to stepping first foot in your office. It is a profitable investment your venture demands, ignoring it can be detrimental to your profits.


So, below mentioned are some of the privileges which render need for modern furniture inevitable:


Increase Productivity  

Office is not just a room of four walls. It is a second home for employees. Equipping your office with modern furniture helps you to distinguish it from others. Studies also reveal that it leads to better employee productivity. Vibrant appeals make your employees happy and keep them satisfied thereon.


Better Employee Retention

Want to retain your workforce for a number of years? Opt for contemporary looking furniture. Nobody wants to be a part of the organization which provides unhygienic work environment. Dingy corners, shabby tables and worn out curtains can be a total turn off for your employees. Well kept office let hired men to put their heart and soul into their work.


Enhances Corporate Stature

 Gone are the days when traditional designs were de rigueur. In this marketing world, stylish furniture provides aesthetic and undying appeal to your office. Modern outlook acts as a silent salesperson for business. Extravagant designs blended with exciting colors spice up the outer grace of your work area.


Lends Comfort

Classy cubicles, sturdy tables and plush leather chairs create exquisite work ethos. Provide comfort to your employees and they will put their best foot forward, taking your company to a zenith. Making employees work in expedient atmosphere will surely fetch you loyal customers.


Looking for furniture with contemporary outlook? Get connected with us at Try County Furniture to avail the wide variety of office equipments. Decide your budget, choice and expedience and browse our website for excellent stock. We also deal in second hand products in case you wish to buy. To know more about our stock or further queries you can call us at 914-363-0477