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12 Jan

How to place new furniture with old items?

When buying new furniture items, you need to make a list of what you need to buy, so you do not end up buying pieces which you already own in a usable condition. This is a great tip for those who are buying a new workspace or planning on shifting to a new arena as in these cases the probability of buying everything new is excessively high.


Unless your motive is to switch to a new theme or make a new heavy budget for a proper office makeover, do not spend unnecessarily on getting new items and try accommodating new and old in your space, together.


Here are a few tips on how you can place your new office furniture with the old one:


1- Take pictures of your old furniture and have their measurements written on your notepad. You will be needing these during your new furniture shopping as you will have to check whether or not they will fit into your space.

2- Since a lot of items you have to place new and old together in the same place, for example a new coffee table with an old guest area couch, you need measurement of the sofa and other seating furniture to ascertain how big or small the table should be.

3- Check the colour scheme and theme of your existing furniture pieces. Since your new should not look completely different to your old setting and must compliment the old ones by either being of the same tone or being a contrasting combination, it's imperative that you pay attention to all these little details for an enriching office furniture buying experience.


Are you in a shopping dilemma? Do not worry if your confusion is office furniture related. We will help you pick the right items for your workspace. Our store offers both new and pre-loved items at good quality and economical rates. Get in touch today.

15 Dec

Office furniture expert: Decor ideas for your new space

Getting a new workspace is a great feeling in itself. However, just buying an area and trying to get all the happiness from it is not enough. Since this task has a lingering workflow, you need to be vigilant and attentive at all times to complete the work efficiently, and then plan to settle down. Purchasing furniture for the new office is one of the first problems to be solved. Since this task requires financial investment, attention, and energy, you need to make sure that you have completed this task before you try anything else.

It’s best to bring in the old office furniture, but if it’s not in good condition, please sell it out first to get a rough idea of your budget. Since your new place needs a fresh look, place old furniture only if it looks good.

Get some tips from experts on how to use the right office furniture to decorate a new office space:

1- Don't rush to buy. Before you start buying, please take some time to check your location. This will not only help you understand what looks good in your environment but will also be suffused you with ideas related to things that can be added to your location to make it look more professional. An office space plays a huge role in providing you with good productivity and ability. Please don't short-sight this and look forward to only providing the best possible results.

2- It is always a good idea to plan for a wall before buying furniture. Although the office always looks best in light and white tones, if you plan to add any colors, add them first so that you can decide on the furniture based on the theme of the workspace. This is a huge decision, and anything that happens off track can cause you huge losses.

3- Measure your space. Do not buy anything that looks attractive to you. Please make sure you know what your space is like and how big or small furniture can be inserted into it to ensure that the things you buy can easily fit into your space without causing too much trouble.

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15 Dec

Office Furniture Tips: A quick start to set up your new workstation

Setting up a new place can get difficult for you as the number of tasks always make it a point to exceed your anticipation. Since working on this area can cause a lot of trouble, you must always begin step by step, taking one area at the time, so you do not mingle everything and end up completing your job with complete ease and success.

Buying office furniture for your workstation needs is one of the first things to contemplate when planning on setting up your workstation. This involves not only deciding what to buy but also ensuring what you are planning on purchasing will suit your needs and the office theme.

Here are a few tips you need to keep in mind when working on making a new space for your work. Take a quick look:

1- Your idea of a workspace might look completely different from the result you get in the end. And this should be completely alright until the time the result is satisfactory. Since a lot of people end up doing a shoddy job because of their lack of interest and organisational skills, ensure you're never one of them even if you're a newbie in this sector. Setting up an office, indeed is a difficult task, but anything when done with good research work, study and strategy will give you fruitful results. And for this situation, your first step should always be of listing down what all do you have to do. This means that you need to make a list of all the tasks that you would be requiring to do, so you are able to complete everything with great care and attention to detail.

2- Once you are done listing down the tasks. Begin with picking up those first which need advance booking systems. Since electricity setup is one of the things which need calling a professional, ensure you get on it in a timely manner. Apart from this, even furniture buying takes some time. since in many cases, delivery takes a week to go, selecting your pieces and paying for them early, helps you get your stuff on time while at the same time giving you enough idea on how much money is left for the other things. Since the maximum amount of budget is spent on buying machinery and furniture, you have to work on these with a good time in hand.

Are you planning on buying office furniture at economical rates? Do not worry. No matter what your budget is, we always have something or the other to offer you. Quality ensured. Call or email today.

17 Nov

Confused between two furniture pieces? You could use some advice.

It's a common phenomenon to feel confused between two things because they attract your eyes or you feel they fit your space, quite well. In such a situation, finalizing any one item can be a perplexing job to take as it will keep things complicated for you.


Office furniture is an important buy. Something you cannot skip due to the primary purpose it serves you with. In such cases, having a confused mindset will drain you. Hence you must use the following tips to ensure you pick the right item. These will help resolve your problems and confusion and further support in making a wise decision:


1- Keep your goal straight when you make such purchases. Putting money into furniture buying is a huge investment. This means that you need to be very particular about what you buy to avoid monetary losses. Knowing your aim and the reason why you are making a certain purchase will help you walk on the right track without digressing or bending towards any faltered notion or idea.


2- There are a few comparisons that you need to ensure what you are buying is absolutely ideal and worthy of your money. In this case, you need to begin by checking the price of both the items. You definitely would have a budget for this purchase and sticking by it is mandatory. Hence, you have to make sure your pick is the one that doesn’t burn your pocket. The second thing to check is the quality of the item. Do not compromise this one big element. You have to check the quality of both the pieces to ensure the one you plan to pick is better than the one you would be leaving in this step.


3- Measurement and size of the item are equally important. Do not buy anything that would not fit in your place, ideally. This is a crucial point and you must work on it seriously.


Are you looking for a furniture piece? Get in touch with us to get the best for your workstation.

04 Nov

How to follow social distancing in offices and workstations

Notwithstanding making changes to the workplace plan, it is useful to teach your staff on ways they can ensure themselves at work and on the wellbeing estimates taken in the workplace. Convey a notice by email featuring the new standards. You can incorporate everything from a no-handshake strategy, to confine sharing individual things, for example, cups, cutlery, food, pens, earphones.


1- Endeavors must be made to limit close eye to eye contact between associates however much as could be expected. In the previous barely any years, we have seen an ascent in shared workspaces, hotdesking, breakout territories and collective working spaces. These normal spaces could prompt little social occasions and may probably cause transmission among your staff. It is fundamental to briefly lessen, if not, totally evade the utilization of normal zones


2- Common seat like workstations are a typical sight in current workplaces rather than desk areas, its conventional partner. This plan is a more financial other option and takes into consideration synergistic filling in just as space enhancement. Albeit, because of current conditions, we have to rethink our requirements and alter the space to guard representatives when they re-visitation of work. As opposed to a total office fit-out, you can make astute retrofits to the current plan to use the accessible space however much as could reasonably be expected. Introducing actual boundaries between workstations as office work area screens and unsupported screens empower up close and personal communication without the danger of transmission.


3- Office gatherings are typically held in limited rooms where colleagues come surprisingly close to one another and frequently have high-contact spots, for example, entryway handles, seats, markers, etc. Consider repurposing it as a workspace for a predetermined number of individuals. Also, empower online video conferencing any place conceivable to lessen individual contact.


Are you looking for office partitions or new furniture? Get in touch with us.

27 Oct

Modern office furniture buying essentials you ought to understand

While picking furniture for your office, the main thing that should strike a chord is the type of specialty you wish to purchase. Since there are different kinds of furniture one can buy for office design, you should investigate the classifications to pick one that doesn't just suit your spending plan yet additionally the subject and air of your workspace.


A sound workplace comes when solace and comfort is given to the representatives. Since these two can enormously rise up out of the methods for good office furniture, including the correct arrangement of pieces is an unquestionable requirement not just to support individuals working inside the association yet additionally for the better appearance of the workplace.


On the off chance that you are anticipating giving your workstation another look, at that point attaching a couple of fundamental bits of present-day furniture will accomplish the work for you. Here's top-notch of what you have to put first to make your field an ideal space to work. Take a snappy look:


On the off chance that you are about, regardless, the buying cycle at that point making an agenda is the most significant pre-task that you should work upon. This won't simply help you in gathering the subtleties of the apparent multitude of fundamentals in a single spot yet will likewise assist you with writing all that basic down. The advantage of this point is that you will recollect each and everything significant and will likewise have the option to choose what you have to include or eliminate according to your spending plan.


Table and seat! this set is the thing that you have to purchase the first. Since sofa and meeting tables are optional things, ensure you never put them on the head of the fundamental things. Purchasing ought to be done in a way that both solace and looks ought to be checked. Try not to leave aside one to get the other. Since the two of them have a solid task to carry out, work with both parallelly.


Aside from the fundamental table and seat set, a gathering table or the sofa for the holding up relax is the thing that you ought to get straightaway. Howbeit, this comes just if your spending plan is a major one. On the off chance that you are coming up short on cash, overlook these things and go for a little eating table where your representatives can sit and eat for some time throughout their break hours.


It is safe to say that you are intending to get some new furniture pieces for your office? Tell us what precisely do you have in your psyche. We at Tri-County Furniture will assist you with purchasing rapidly and without any problem. For more information, call or mail us.

27 Oct

Tips to master office furniture selection process

Infiltration of social media has resulted in new trends, and interiors of both your houses as well as workstations are getting heavily influenced by these fashion statements. Since every workspace has its own aura and vibe, keeping everything intact with the theme of your office is extremely important to keep up with the energy of your space.


Choosing the right office furniture comes with this thought process. Because each one of you wants only the best for your property, getting well versed with what's trendy will help you in finalizing the furniture pieces, ideally. There's an assortment of ways through which you can ascertain what you should buy and let go of. Take a look at these useful tips to help make your mind before going on a shopping spree:


1- Make use of the internet. While the proliferation of social networking sites has come up with a lot of ill practices, knowing how to use it for your benefit is a must in today's world. With each brand and business turning online, it has become extremely easy and convenient today to look at the latest trends and their prevailing market prices. Hence, you must always take a gander at these pieces and follow some authentic and fashionable furniture brands to decipher what your choice is and what kind of piece should you be picking to give your office a complete look. Whether you are trying to replace your old furniture set with some new pieces or it's the first time you are about to do such kind of shopping, going by this method will always do justice to your investment.


2- Expenditure converts itself into an investment instead of losses, by a very thin margin. Since this bridge must always be maintained, ensure that the buying party always puts in massive efforts in the idea of shopping than only the active part of it. Since a lot of thinking needs to be done before going shopping, make sure you carry out this process effectively with minute attention to detail to prosper in the process. Make a list of what you need to buy, measurement of your space, colour ideas, theme and every other mandatory detail to keep going.


Are you looking for something exclusive in economical rates? Let us know what you are expecting. We shall help you get the best item for your workspace. Get in touch with us today!

05 Oct

Fuel your workers’ productivity through these easy workspace setup tips

Despite the fact that, when workers are in their desk areas, they're bound to do individual hunts and surf the net which causes more aggravations. Nonetheless, with removable tables, you can work together by revising your work areas to something else consistently. This additionally increments legroom and the capacity to isolate your work area when you're finished having your coordinated effort group meetings. Having an open space urges workers to share thoughts that fuel profitability in itself.


At the point when you're sitting in a similar spot for 6-8 hours every day, you need a seat that is agreeable. Particularly for those with any back agony. You need your representatives going home cheerful and fulfilled and eager to get the opportunity to work again the following morning. Furniture Solutions gives an assortment of seats, all things considered, sizes, and hues to browse! There are seat plans for a wide range of workplaces from stylish to proficient. Shop seats that address the issues of your representatives to fuel their efficiency levels.


giving workers their doled out work area makes a feeling of "friendly" feel for them. This expands comfort for workers realizing that they have their very own position when they come into the workplace. They can eat in security in the event that they would prefer not to go out to eat and they have a work area they can finish to give them a sentiment of having a place. At the point when representatives don't have an assigned work area, they can't design with photos of their canines or keep day by day fundamentals they may require at their office like moisturizer/eye drops, and so on. Rather, they need to get together their things consistently and pick another detect the following day, unload and the cycle rehashes. At the point when representatives have assigned work areas, they can compose their musings and things and start their day realizing they'll have a spot to sit at work that they love. This makes a psyche and work balance.


Connect with us at Tri County Office Furniture to ideate and design your workspace using the right office furniture pieces.

05 Oct

Have an open office floor plan? Use these tips for setting it right

Open office configuration can be incredible for a coordinated effort. It makes it simple for your representatives to cooperate on ventures and loan each other their mastery. Shockingly, a run of the mill open office floor plan doesn't give you much in the method of protection. With a portion of our office furniture, you can fix that. The correct furniture buys can give you the best of the two universes, with security and cooperation in one novel office plan.


1- Check out your office, do you have cooperation zones? Each office needs a space where laborers can cooperate without stressing over upsetting their colleagues. A community-oriented region can be an agreeable space for groups or divisions that need to cooperate and give each other supportive input.


2- Notwithstanding office furniture, a few plants could likewise help quietly separate workspaces in your open office floor plan. A plant can fill in as a divider when required, however, it won't stand out when laborers need to convey. You can even include some phony plants in the event that you don't have a green thumb. They'll actually liven up the workplace and fill in as dividers when you need them to.


3- When you've included furniture for partition, consider switching up the hues in your cooperation or zen working space. Various hues can incite imagination or more profound reasoning. Consider what sort of a domain you're attempting to make and pick your shading appropriately. In case you're attempting to make a quiet region where your workers can go for a breather at that point go with blues.


Does your office require a quick makeover? Let some good furniture pieces do the magic. Email or call to place your orders.

23 Sep

How to collect your ideas while buying furniture for a workspace?

The prerequisite for social occasion rooms can't be denied. Every affiliation has one such room where all the laborers sit together in a joint exertion and examine significant office work and activities. Meeting rooms today have taken up different positions. To keep them basic and versatile, it will be a keen idea to make them estimated. The usage of gorgeous yet agreeable and high in quality furniture will be the best.


Consider these focuses when planning on putting your money in the right pieces:


1- The condition of the gathering table can have a colossal impact. As far as possible for the most part depends on it. Generally, people buy oval-shaped tables to extend the seating furthest reaches of the delegates. If you have to have a far-reaching social event or discussion meeting, go for vessel shaped tables. These apparently irrelevant subtleties should be thought of while preparing your office.


2- You need to buy furniture as demonstrated by the space that your office has. You can't acknowledge colossal tables and gigantic additional items if your place is very shrunk. Thusly, select furniture as demonstrated by your office space and need. Bigger than normal furniture will devour a lot of void space making the cabin look tinier in appearance.


3- Pick furniture with suitable stature to organize your office needs. If you have to keep people inside the social affair space for widened hours then it is basic to give them complete comfort and convenience. Therefore, height should include concern while picking furniture for your working environment.


4- Furniture decision is done by recollecting the number of delegates who will use it. You will require more seats and a wide work territory if more people will use it. In the case of fewer people, small gathering work regions can be adjusted.


5- What you wish to buy depends on how much money you have and what your space specifically requires. Thusly, before gathering furniture you need to think whether those users of the some would sit or stay to give their presentations. Do they moreover require space for keeping their records and workstations near them? All of these centers ought to be considered before buying office furniture.


Having problems with furniture buying? Get in touch with us at Tri-County Furniture to solve all your purchasing related issues. Call today and get your order placed.