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Used Furniture Checklist

Setting up a house or an office requires one to place furniture items in the different places in the premises. When looking for furniture, one can either buy new furniture or buy used furniture. While many people go in for new furniture altogether, it is to be noted that even used furniture can add the required elegance and beauty to the home and office space. Used furniture does not necessarily mean that one has to buy old and dilapidated furniture. In fact, used furniture may be in very good condition but has been put up for sale because it is no longer required by someone.


When buying used furniture for office or for a house, care must be taken to make sure that the furniture is in good shape so that it can be used for at least 7-8 years. The following is a checklist for buying used furniture:


  • Pictures are not enough: A lot of people when buying used furniture simply buy it by looking at pictures in magazines or on the internet. However, it is recommended not to buy used furniture by simply looking at it once. In fact, care must be taken to make sure that one sees the used furniture in person before buying. One must not buy used furniture by seeing the pictures as one may end up getting broken furniture without any refund of what has been paid for buying the furniture.
  • Look out for termites: Sometimes, people put up their used furniture for sale because it gets infected by termites. When buying used furniture, therefore, one must be careful to make sure that it is not infected by termites that damage the furniture in an irreparable manner.
  • Inspect the damages and paintwork: When buying used furniture, it is also essential to inspect the furniture for damages and paintwork. The paint of the furniture may be chipped or peeled or the furniture may have been damaged in the past. This would mean that the person buying the furniture may have to spend more on the repairs of the damage and therefore buying such used furniture is not worth the value.
  • Check the upholstery: When buying used furniture and especially chair and sofas, one must make sure to check the upholstery of the furniture. The upholstery may be torn, scratched or stained and in such cases, one must avoid buying such pieces. One may have to spend a lot on getting the upholstery cleaned and redone and the used furniture will therefore cost more.


Tri County Office Furniture has been in business for the last 20 years. We offer the best selection of new as well as pre-owned furniture to our clients and make sure that we provide the best furniture at affordable and quality prices.