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The Essentials of Selecting Office Furniture

Office furniture selection involves a lot more than just choosing what one sees and likes. There are several things that need to be considered like the space available in the office, the layout of the office and the furniture thereof, the ergonomic needs and the cost of the furniture.


The following are a few essentials of selecting office furniture:

  • Quality is in fact the most important feature when selecting office furniture. It is essential to select and buy only good quality furniture for the office because office furniture is a long term investment for most businesses. Also studies show that office furniture of good quality helps in increasing the productivity of the employees as it in many ways positively affects the attitude of the employees towards their work and work space.
  • It is also essential to determine the office needs when selecting the office furniture. It is necessary to know the space available and how it will be used before office furniture can be selected. Knowing the functions that the office space will offer helps in selecting the right kind and size of the furniture. For instance, for very small office spaces, it is useless to have large computers as this will cramp the office space.
  • When selecting furniture for office, it is also required that one decides to choose between used and new furniture. Used office furniture can be used if the furniture required in office is to be used only for a few years. Used office furniture is also cheap as compared to new furniture which is expensive. New office furniture can be bought for offices that have just been set up in a modern and stylish layout. Before selecting used or new furniture, one needs to weigh the pros and cons of both so that the best furniture can be chosen.
  • Comfort and ergonomics are very critical when it comes to selecting furniture for the office. It is essential to consider the comfort of the employees who work in the office when office furniture is selected. Not all employees can work in the same manner and therefore it is essential to look into the comfort of every employee and choose the furniture accordingly so that the employees do not feel tired and discomfort when working long hours.
  • It is also essential to know the layout and location of the furniture before it can be selected. Knowing where and how the furniture will be placed helps one in selecting the right sized furniture. It is also essential to know the placement of doors and windows in the office so that furniture can be placed in the right manner.


At Tri County Office Furniture, we offer furniture that suits your business needs. We provide new and used furniture in varied styles keeping in mind the comfort of the employees as well as the growth of the business.