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The Benefits of Used Office Furniture and New Furniture

Office furniture plays a vital role in making a business run smoothly and successfully. It is the furniture that the employees make use of for working in an office. Therefore, it is essential for office furniture to be employee-friendly and also be arranged in a manner that allows the employees to make optimal use of the furniture. Research states that friendly and comfortable office furniture enables employees to work in a more productive manner and thereby increase business.


When it comes to office furniture, there are two options- buy used office furniture or buy new furniture. There are benefits of used office furniture as well as new office furniture that is used in offices by employees.

Benefits of used office furniture:


  • Used office furniture is not very expensive and therefore enables a business to save money. New office furniture can be expensive and installing it can add to the cost. Used office furniture on the other hand is available at low prices and its installation also does not cost much.
  • Used office furniture when refurbished allows a business to contribute to the environment. When a business buys used office furniture, it contributes to reducing wastage and also decreasing the amount of raw materials needed to produce new furniture.
  • Most furniture is manufactured using Volatile Organic Compounds that are released in the air and is not good for the health. The newer the furniture, the higher are the VOC levels and therefore used office furniture is considered good for health. Exposure to VOCs can lead to several health problems and therefore many businesses buy used office furniture that have very low levels of VOCs.


Benefits of new office furniture:


  • One of the main benefits of buying new office furniture is that it adds freshness to the office. New office furniture with its design and style brightens up the work environment enabling the employees to work in a better manner and in a productive environment.
  • New office furniture is ergonomically friendly. New office furniture is manufactured keeping in mind the comfort and needs of employees and is therefore friendlier for use in offices. New office furniture enables employees to work for longer hours without getting tired.
  • New office furniture always comes with a warranty. When new office furniture is bought, one can be assured of the fact that in case the furniture breaks, it can be replaced. This is however not possible when used office furniture is made use of.


Tri County Office Furniture provided new and used office furniture. For all office furniture Manhattan, NY needs, one can rely on our services and the furniture we provide. Our furniture is durable and can bear wear and tear for a long time period.