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The benefits of investing in used office furniture

If you are looking to buy office furniture, consider buying previously owned. There is a plethora of benefits to buying used office furniture that don’t always come with buying brand new furniture. Let’s have a look at a few of them.

Cost Effectiveness

Previously owned furniture for your workplace can be purchased for as low as 15 to 25 cents on the dollar. Many times, chairs and desks that can be purchased have only been used for a shortperiodof time and still look brand new. If you are on a budget, investing in per-owned furniture is the bestoption. It will not only help you save money, it helps the environment as well.

Quality pieces

Good quality, previously owned furniture has withstood the initial testing time. Dealers only invest in pieces that are still in working condition and can offer profits.  They do not buy pieces that are worn or damaged.

Minimal Depreciation

When you buy brand new furniture, you can expect its resale value to depreciate by 20 to 25%. However, when you purchase previously owned furniture, its value increases based on the cost of comparable new furniture. Pre-owned furniture resale value remains as high as 70% of what you paid.  On the basis of value and many other aspects, purchasing good quality previously owned pieces is a much better, much more cost-friendly option.

Contribute to the Environment

Wood furniture winds up in landfill. On the other hand, steel pieces need to be disassembled before recycling.  Re-using the old piece makes sense. Quality pieces have a lifespan of twenty years. By investing in previously owned furniture, you are preserving your forest and natural resources in turn helping the environment.

Immediate Delivery

Many new desks and chairs are made to order as per your needs and requirements. It can sometimes take 6 to 10 weeks to get them ready. On the other hand, used furniture can sometimes be delivered the same day. The manufacturer can get it shipped in a day or two.

If your office needs some desks, chairs and benches, or any other furniture, research for the firms that deal in previously owned. Be sure to rely on a reputable and experienced company. Their reliability ensures you quality pieces.

For old and new workplace furniture, Contact Tri County Office furniture. Call us for additional details or submit questions online. We are happy to help you.