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Office furniture expert advice: How to create an appealing and warm waiting lounge?

If you are running a company that is at a growing stage, and its reputation and image are all that matters to you, then along with work quality what you need to focus primarily on is the look of your space. Since the setup and neatness of your workstation speak voluminously about your working standards, working on this aspect is profusely important for achieving what you have been aiming at.


The waiting lounge is one of the first entered and massively used spaces of an office. Since this is the space that welcomes everyone’s arrival and offers a sitting area for clients, members, and other people, you need to make sure that it is well decorated and set up to ensure optimum appeal and warmth.


Here’s what you need to do to maintain this area of your office:


1- Understand the concept and usage of this space. Since this area is all about giving people a place to sit comfortably while waiting for what they have come, you need to make sure that you give them the right seating arrangement, aura, and vibe to place themselves. Since in their free time they will deeply scrutinize each and every corner of the place and think about it in detail, do not give them much to not like or criticize.


2- Begin with purchasing and placing the most comfortable set of couches and chairs. Since waiting can make a person impatient, giving them the right place to sit is the least you can do to keep them happy and content in their space. Hence, put great time and effort into getting this furniture as any problem with this can put you in a troublesome situation.


3- Some offices do not worry much about the waiting lounges and do the bare minimum to set them up. This, however, must be avoided by you if you truly care about your company and want it to reach greater heights. Since this place is heavily used by a lot of visitors on a daily basis, keeping just a few couches and chairs will not suffice. You need more than that to provide them a comfortable area to sit and this would happen only when you attach some tables to the sitting area as they might want to put their own stuff, and coffee/tea mugs on them. You can also place some fresh flowers and magazines so they can keep themselves engrossed in something or the other until their turn comes.


Are you finding some antique old or new furniture pieces to place in your office’s waiting lounge? Get in touch with us at Tri County Furniture. Call or email today!