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How to place new furniture with old items?

When buying new furniture items, you need to make a list of what you need to buy, so you do not end up buying pieces which you already own in a usable condition. This is a great tip for those who are buying a new workspace or planning on shifting to a new arena as in these cases the probability of buying everything new is excessively high.


Unless your motive is to switch to a new theme or make a new heavy budget for a proper office makeover, do not spend unnecessarily on getting new items and try accommodating new and old in your space, together.


Here are a few tips on how you can place your new office furniture with the old one:


1- Take pictures of your old furniture and have their measurements written on your notepad. You will be needing these during your new furniture shopping as you will have to check whether or not they will fit into your space.

2- Since a lot of items you have to place new and old together in the same place, for example a new coffee table with an old guest area couch, you need measurement of the sofa and other seating furniture to ascertain how big or small the table should be.

3- Check the colour scheme and theme of your existing furniture pieces. Since your new should not look completely different to your old setting and must compliment the old ones by either being of the same tone or being a contrasting combination, it’s imperative that you pay attention to all these little details for an enriching office furniture buying experience.


Are you in a shopping dilemma? Do not worry if your confusion is office furniture related. We will help you pick the right items for your workspace. Our store offers both new and pre-loved items at good quality and economical rates. Get in touch today.