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How many furniture pieces should new office owners buy in the beginning?

We often read articles and hear people talking about the right kind of office furniture to buy when you’re just starting out with a new business plan. But there is barely any significant and rich-quality stuff with info about how many of each furniture type to get when you are in your initial stage.


Since beginning a new venture in itself is a costly decision with infinite expenditures to look after and invest your money into – setting up an office is one of those hefty expenses that you feel extremely worried about with limited budget in hand. However, since this activity cannot be skipped or overlooked at the initial stage – you should think about it in a wise manner and take extremely careful steps to ensure you do not save money or this expenditure does not turn out to be a burden on your company which obviously does not have any earnings in the beginning.


Take a look at the following points to learn how to get the right furniture amount in a new office space:


Table and chairs:

Do not get extra of these if you already have a set number of employees joining you. Since this can be a hefty expenditure – you may not want to put a lot of money in this activity when you know you are in an experimental stage of your business. If you do not have a big office space and you wish to save some money on furniture – then going with a big round table with about 5-6 (depending on your employee number) chairs will be enough. This will enable everyone to sit together and make discussions/supervise whenever necessary as you go further with your company development.


Since a better office can always be built in a later stage when you begin to get some return on your work – go with something easy yet comfortable to make your space a productive one.


Conference table:

This table type can be avoided in the initial stage if you do not know where your business will lead you in the coming time. And in case you do not have a business type that requires a lot of meetings and people coming together for discussions – then this need can be circumvented at the moment.


However, if you are a marketing agency or a new brand starting at a bigger scale with a business plan that involves a lot of subordinates and superiors coming together then you are going to need a solid conference table as it is going to stay booked throughout the day.


Hence for this requirement, get a bigger table along with 6-7 chairs so that a lot of people can use it at the same time for their group meetings and team discussions.


Want to get some basic table chair sets and couches for your new office space? No matter your business scale or office size – we have something or the other for each new business owner to purchase from us. Call us today or visit our website.