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Go Green by Purchasing Used Furniture

As a business owner, your number one goal is keeping your office space engaging for clients and employees.  One of the most effective ways to do this is by investing in new furniture. However, there are plethora of choices you have as per the styles and finishes available at expensive prices. We can help you save money while helping to contribute to the environment.

Every year, three million tons of workplace furniture are thrown away. A survey shows that half of the scrap like chairs, tables, bookshelves from schools and companies ends up in landfills. However, environmental conservation is the major concern as the pieces thrown in the landfill take years to break down completely.

By purchasing used furniture, you can help save the planet.

Helps Conserving Natural Resources

Few manufacturers use recycled materials in their manufacturing process. When using new materials, they actually strip the natural resources from our planet.

Whenit is remanufactured, raw materials are used. Recycling helps to extend theresources for furniture that is already in circulation like wool, steel and fiber.

Energy Conservation

Reusing furniture helps in energy conservation. The amount of energy required for altering existing furniture is substantially less as compared to what is required in new product manufacturing.

Air Pollution

Reusing old pieces drastically reduces air pollution. During the manufacturing process, factories generate loads of carbon and sulfur oxides. These both are volatile to our environment. By opting for the used one, we will generatesignificatnly less of these compounds, thereby lowering the impact on the global warming.

If your workplace needs a change of furniture, opt for used pieces. If you buy previously owned rather than new, it’s much better for the environment.

Look for a reliable supplier that deals in pre-owned pieces. Make sure you check the furniture carefully prior to making any deal. Look for the signs of wear and tear. Check the drawers carefully to ensure they are in working condition. The chairs must be comfortable to sit in. The same applies to sofas as well.

If your company would like to be a part of the green initiative, contact Tri County Office Furniture. We deal in previously owned office furniture. Call us for additional details or submit any questions online. We are happy to help.