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Choosing the best furniture for reception area- What all to look?

The reception area isusually known to be the first entrance of the office. It showcases the organization’s identity and level of professionalism. Therefore, it is extremely important to have an attractive and presentable reception area to make the right impression and positive impact on a client.Always remember, the interior look of your office can also be one of the leading factors for your business success or failure. To keep your organization’s image graph on an increasing scale, it is very important to make the right selection for your office furniture, especially the reception area.


Choose according to your functional usage:

It is essential to analyze the number of client that visit your reception area on daily basis.Make sure to think about the durability and quality of material when selecting office furniture because this is the only area of office which deals with unlimited visits whole the day. If usage will be heavy, furniture with laminate surfaces would be a perfect choice.


Relate to company’s aesthetics:

The style of your reception area should convey a sense of what your business is about. The office ambience can be improved by placing attractive and high quality couches, sofas, center tables, chairs, and desks in the reception area matching the office theme and wall colors. Don’t make the wrong choice by choosing the furniture with funky looks and odd colors; this can give an unprofessional look to the office.



Office storage is pivotal for your reception area to store paperwork and other projects. Figure out what kind of filing, equipment space, personal item storage you will need. If you need regular and immediate access to files and paperwork then filing cabinets and under desk pedestals are practical and can also be hidden out of sight under the desk.


Fit as per your reception space:

Make sure the furniture you are selecting is not too big or small that it may give an unpleasing look to whole area. It must not be blocking the pathway and visitors should feel comfortable. If your reception area is not so big, you can simply place an elegant sofa,but pay attention to its comfort level.


If you are planning to refurbish your reception area with new furniture make sure it’s stylish, elegant and comfortable.To get the best, high quality, durable and latest design furniture for your reception area, shop with us at Tri County Office Furniture.Our knowledgeable and experienced staff will help you in choosing the right reception furniture to suit your space, needs and budget. Choose among our massive stock of new and used office furniture of top brands.For further information, visit our office or give us a call. We are always here to help you.