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Buying Used Office Furniture is the Smart Option for the Business

Buying new furniture for your office can be a somewhat tedious endeavor. This holds true especially in situations when you have a tight budget. Why not to consider buying used office furniture and give your office a new look? Here are some of the reasons why previously owned furniture is a good option.

Saves Money

The biggest difference between new and used office furniture is cost. You can afford quality items without crossing your budget constraints. You can even get used items at further discounted rates.

Proven Quality

When buying any new model of furniture, you never know how long it will last. The fabric that looks appealing may not withstand heavy usage in an office setting. However, when you buy pre-owned office furniture, you are assured of good quality. It has already withstood the initial testing time and is still materially sound. You have proof of this in terms of brand name, quality, and durability.

Good Resale Value

Buying new office furniture doesn’t always offer good resale value. The resale value can depreciate to 25 percent or less of its original cost. When you buy quality used office furniture, its value increases based on the cost of new furniture. Its resale value can remain high as 75 percent of amount that you paid. It is, therefore, considered as a good investment.

Green Credentials

Buying used furniture not only saves you money, but also contributes to a safe environmental state. It is an eco-friendly initiative. Disposing off wooden furniture is not often eco-friendly. If the furniture is reused, it not only reduces land-fills but can be used for over 20 years. Buying previously owned furniture contributes to maintaining ecological balance by preserving natural resources. This also benefits your business by enable you to say you have contributed to the Go Green Initiative.

The above advantages edify the fact that buying used quality office furniture can be much better investment than purchasing new furniture. If you have limited finances, this option holds a good sense. It is healthier for your indoor environment, and unlike new furniture it doesn’t omit volatile organic chemicals that often causes illness, as well as environmental harm.

If you are considering buying used office furniture, contact Tri County Furniture. We sell high quality used and new pieces. Call us for more details or submit your inquiries online. We will be happy to help you.