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25 Apr

Purchasing Right Office Furniture- Some Tips to Follow

Selecting office furniture involves choosing pieces in terms of design as well as quality. Choosing the best furniture can greatly influence employees’ productivity. Consider the ergonomic needs of your employees for a rise in future profits. Below are some tips to follow to ensure the best selection.

Consider Whether You Will Opt for New or Used Furniture

Before selecting new or used office furniture, consider their pros as well as cons. Let’s have a look. 


New furniture: 


  • They last longer
  • Selection variety and diverse options for customization



  • If you are low on budget, it may seem expensive
  • Has to be assembled 


Used Furniture- 


  • They are economical to buy
  • Good choice for smaller businesses



  • Less life-span
  • Lack of availability of modern designs


Comfort and Requirements

Employees are the main part of your workforce. So, when choosing office furniture, keep your employees’ comfort as the top most priority. Buy ergonomic designed furniture to comfortably support them, and ensure safe and erect posture. This will keep them relaxed throughout working hours. As long as your office environment remains productive, your business will surely soar.
How big or small will your furniture units be? It all depends on the size of your office. Know the dimensions of your office so that you can purchase furniture accordingly. You must also to consider the space and layout of your office. Choose pieces and arrange them in a way that makes the office look spacious and roomy.
The type of furniture you choose must reflect your company’s image. Furniture pieces are often available in different styles and colors. So, the design you choose must compliment the office’s interior.
For high end office furniture in Westchester, get in touch with Tri-County Office Furniture. We pride ourselves in offering latest design, stylish, and elegant furniture units. Browse our current furniture in stock and keep yourself updated with our most recent collections.

14 Mar

Choosing the best furniture for reception area- What all to look?

The reception area isusually known to be the first entrance of the office. It showcases the organization’s identity and level of professionalism. Therefore, it is extremely important to have an attractive and presentable reception area to make the right impression and positive impact on a client.Always remember, the interior look of your office can also be one of the leading factors for your business success or failure. To keep your organization’s image graph on an increasing scale, it is very important to make the right selection for your office furniture, especially the reception area.


Choose according to your functional usage:

It is essential to analyze the number of client that visit your reception area on daily basis.Make sure to think about the durability and quality of material when selecting office furniture because this is the only area of office which deals with unlimited visits whole the day. If usage will be heavy, furniture with laminate surfaces would be a perfect choice.


Relate to company’s aesthetics:

The style of your reception area should convey a sense of what your business is about. The office ambience can be improved by placing attractive and high quality couches, sofas, center tables, chairs, and desks in the reception area matching the office theme and wall colors. Don’t make the wrong choice by choosing the furniture with funky looks and odd colors; this can give an unprofessional look to the office.



Office storage is pivotal for your reception area to store paperwork and other projects. Figure out what kind of filing, equipment space, personal item storage you will need. If you need regular and immediate access to files and paperwork then filing cabinets and under desk pedestals are practical and can also be hidden out of sight under the desk.


Fit as per your reception space:

Make sure the furniture you are selecting is not too big or small that it may give an unpleasing look to whole area. It must not be blocking the pathway and visitors should feel comfortable. If your reception area is not so big, you can simply place an elegant sofa,but pay attention to its comfort level.


If you are planning to refurbish your reception area with new furniture make sure it’s stylish, elegant and comfortable.To get the best, high quality, durable and latest design furniture for your reception area, shop with us at Tri County Office Furniture.Our knowledgeable and experienced staff will help you in choosing the right reception furniture to suit your space, needs and budget. Choose among our massive stock of new and used office furniture of top brands.For further information, visit our office or give us a call. We are always here to help you.

13 Feb

Buying Office Furniture – Some Essentials to Borne in Mind

The task of buying office furniture is quite challenging. Furniture not only contributes to the comfort of the employees, but also it impacts office productivity. Your purchasing decision can be more time consuming because of the innovative designs available. If you are being tasked with the responsibility of buying your office furniture, browse the internet, and check the latest collections of providers. Here are some of the essentials that you need to keep in mind during the selection process.


Determine your office space

This is the first step you need to start with. Measure your office space before you even step into showroom to purchase furniture. Selecting the right type of furniture will make your office look more spacious. If you have a small space, then it wouldn’t make any sense to purchase large cabinets and desks. It would just restrict movement. You will need to consider your office needs too. For example, if your clients come to the office regularly, you will need extra seating to accommodate them.


Choosing used or new furniture

The next decision you need to make is whether you are purchasing used or new furniture. If you go for new furniture, you will get more varied designs, styles, and colors. The latest trends will add aesthetic appeal to your office. However, if your budget is smaller, then used furniture would be the most practical choice.



Since most employees have to sit for long working hours, it is necessary to provide comfortable chairs so that office productivity is not hampered. Ergonomic chairs are quite comfortable as they can be used for hours without any discomfort. When buying furniture, never forget to test its comfort level.


Quality office furniture is a good investment

Once you buy good quality furniture, you can be assured that you have made a good long term investment. It will increase the value of your office and its aesthetic appeal will attract more and more visitors towards it. Not only this, you will notice a great improvement in your employees’ attitudes and dedication thus there will be increase in their productivity.


Consider the above discussed essentials for buying office furniture. For office furniture in Westchester, contact Tri County Office Furniture. We will provide you the best quality furniture at the right prices. Get in touch with us online or visit our showroom. For any additional details, you can contact us.

06 Feb

Maximize your office work space with panel system

Panel installation is a perfect solution to creating a well-organized and jumble free office environment.Working in an open concept office may degrade the performance of employees. Therefore, many organizations are upgrading their offices to enhance the look by installing panels.A systematic work place not only creates a positive impact on clients but it also uplifts the mood of employees. Fixing panels in an office can work wonders for executives and increase their concentration level.


Panels not only help to maximize the workspace but they are cost-effective for business too. There are several other benefits of office panel systems that many people may not realize.


  • It adds professionalism and attractiveness to the workplace.
  • Panel system in office can help lower down turbulent sounds passing all over the arena.
  • Employers can easily adjust their essential office equipment's within their panel workstation.
  • This provides complete privacy which every employee aspires, for especially when they are going to work for long shifts.
  • Panels are proven to be useful for visitors too. There may occur a time when clients’ needs to share their private information to solve their issue and want it to keep disclosed. Here, the panel system performs a great role.
  • The cost of fixing panels to an office is minimal as compared to setting up each individual office.
  • Individual offices always demand great space; if the workplace covers less space, then configuring a panel system is the best idea. This allows accommodation of a large array of seats with privacy dividers.
  • Office panels come in different designs and materials. Their costs totally depend upon the kind of material and designs you are choosing. With the rise in latest trends, there is a wide selection of panels available that are unique in designs andare also well-furnished. Installation of an office panel system should be done by hands that have years of experience in this trade. If the installation process is not handled properly, it can ruin the look of whole office.Therefore, it is suggested to hire a professional who provides high quality material for panels and installs them effectively.


If you have low budget but want to install a panel system to your office, consider availing services from Tri County Furniture. We are leading providers of new as well as used office partitions. Our company prides ourselves in delivering quick set-up services within same day. Call or e-mail us in case of any queries. It would be our pleasure to serve you.

31 Jan

Proven Benefits of Buying Ergonomic Office Furniture

Furniture is the most essential aspect that creates perfect and professional office environments. Modern and latest technology furniture not only makes a comfortable setup for executives, but it also creates a positive impact on customers. Therefore, it is important to decorate the office with classy furniture. Office furniture encompasses a wide range of products such as file cabinets, conventional tables, multimedia storage, PC furniture, chairs, sofas and many more. These furniture items differ in terms of cost by color, quality of material and designs. Moreover, latest office furniture items are designed keeping in mind the storage capacity of the area to accommodate; they are portable and can be shifted easily from one corner to another with an ease.Here are the listed benefits of buying ergonomic office furniture.


  • Boosts the corporate image and productivity:

A company’s worth is recognized by its interior and exterior décor. Business environments usually house potential clients. These customers are second god for every corporate sector, so furniture with comfy seats, tables and impeccable looks makes a positive impression in their mind. Moreover, both functional and comfort designed furniture increases the overall productivity of the organization. It helps the employees to pitch the clients and making great deals around the spacious tables and snug seats.


  • Sets professional environment:

Cushy and latest trend furniture designs give a professional look to office. The capacious cabinets, as well as drawers, help to arrange the important files and documents in an organized manner. Employees can easily locate the stuff without experiencing any clutter. Hence, it makes a true impression on clients about how professionally the team works.


  • Motivates executives:

Employees can relax and perform their tasks in an effective manner. The cubicles or break rooms should maintain full privacy, helping them focus on their work. Personalized drawers with locks, adjustable seats and sturdy tables allow them to work with great energy and cut down the distraction level. With the overall features of ergonomic designed furniture, there is reduction of missed worked days by employees.


In a nut shell, ergonomic furniture not only proves to be fruitful in terms of financial aspects of the business but it let the workers feel enjoyment at work. There are many suppliers that provide new as well as used furniture for office use. Before choosing the one, it is essential to check the status of the supplier. It must be a brand providing guarantee and warranty on their products.


If you are interested in furnishing your office with latest and high quality furniture, then have a look at Tri-County Office furniture. We have best selection of furniture products that covers every aspect of office needs. We pride ourselves in delivering friendly, prompt and reliable services to our clients. Call us today or e-mail us in case of any queries. It will be a pleasure to serve you.

30 Jan

Move your office furniture carefully with professional movers

Latest design and high quality furniture adds a new life to office décor. There a lots of people who are looking to revamp their office with modular furniture.  To make right impression on clients and increase business productivity, the right office furniture plays a vital role. Good looking furniture does not just grab the attention of viewers but it also increases the work efficiency of employees. Choosing office furniture can be a complex job but moving the same to desired location can be more daunting.


Once you have purchased the desired furniture for your office needs, your job doesn’t end here. You are under the pressure of moving them to your office with care and responsibility. After all you have spent a lot of money purchasing the office furniture, so process of carrying these items all the way should be taken care of. If you are thinking to move these heavy and sensitive items on your own, that’s a bad idea. It may include risk of damage to your precious assets or may cause an injury. Another mistake that most of people commit is hiring a local truck or transport for moving their furniture. It is the greatest myth that you can save huge sum of money while moving furniture with help of local transports. Any local truck or transport that you hire can charge your more than your expectations. There are several loopholes in their services that in turn leave you in disappointing stage. They load your costly furniture without any care because they know they will not be responsible in case of any damage.  They include hidden charges and charge you according to distance traveled, weight and number of furniture items, and extra fuel charges.


It is suggested that you move your office furniture with help of experts that are professionals in this trade. Today there are several companies that offer both furniture items and their moving services. You can rely on such companies easily and can alleviate stress without worrying about how to move these heavy items with care. Such companies have licensed transports and provide quality equipment's to move the furniture. They pack the items in big boxes, load it carefully and then help you setup your office furniture. They provide insurance to the items they are carrying along.  This can relieve you from the worry of getting any item broken or damaged as they are completely responsible for that. Their rates are genuine that encompass no extra surprises.


If you are considering changing the looks of your office with latest designed furniture and want stress free moving, consider hiring Tri County Office furniture. We are the leading providers of new as well as pre-owned furniture for office needs. Apart from several choices among office furniture, we also provide moving services to our clients. Our expert movers are quite cordial and deliver reliable moving services. Call us for bookings or email us in case of any queries.

09 Jan

Trendy Office Furniture- Give Your Office a New Look

Trendy and good quality office furniture can convey a completely different look to your office. Crucial furniture items that are vital in an office include desks, chairs, tables, bookshelves, filing cabinets, and a lot more. You can choose a traditional or contemporary model as per the requirement of your office. No matter what type of furniture is, it must give your office a new look.

Give an attractive look to your office interior

Carefully selected furniture items can give your office interior an attractive look. Efficiently designed pieces will leave a good impression on the employees and the management of the company. Not only this, it will also impress your clients, shareholders, customers, and other guests who visits your office.

Make a list of the furniture items needed

There are never-ending designs and a variety of furniture available. If you step out in the market without any prior planning about the type of furniture your office requires, you may not be able to decide anything. So, make a proper list of the type of furniture you need. With a plan in mind, you will be able to select outstanding and uniquely styled items. Ensure that besides being aesthetically pleasing, it is durable, too. You can even get customized furniture designed as per your needs.

Increases productivity

Apart from leaving a long-lasting impression on the visitors, excellent quality office furniture plays a crucial role in increasing the productivity of your employees. Comfortable furniture items will give the required convenience, thus motivating them to work harder and offering them strength to work for longer durations.

Browse online

If you are stuck in the busy routine of your office life, you can browse online and get in touch with several providers. There are many companies who have websites or you to peruse. You can have a look at their products catalog, check out the designs and colors available, and find out about quality. Detailed information is also given on their specifications followed by price of every item. For any additional questions, you can even contact them through a customer helpline number.

Purchasing the right type of furniture is very important for giving your office a professional look. While buying, you will come across number of providers. However, you need to make a detailed analysis and then choose the best provider.

For trendy office furniture in Westchester, get in touch with Tri-County Office Furniture. For more than 25 years, we have been your destination for high end, low cost office furniture. Our helpful employees are here to assist you. If you are looking to buy new or used office furniture, you can browse our current furniture in stock.

02 Jan

Why Purchasing Pre-Owned Furniture is a Great Financial Decision

Furniture is considered one of the largest expenses when setting up a business. Purchasing pre-owned furniture for office use is always a smart choice for businesses who have a limited budget. Used furniture comes at a fraction of the cost of new furniture. This not only displays a professional atmosphere but it also saves your time and energy for other essential responsibilities.


Pre-owned furniture is a great way to enhance quality performance and great work outcomes without compromising the businesses finances. You can get high quality furniture ranging from desks, conference tables, chairs, and sofas to files cabinets and cubicles at very low cost. It is well understood that used furniture can’t always compete with new, but still it can add a lot to your workplace if chosen wisely from trustworthy and renowned used furniture providers.  These companies provide clean and well-maintained furniture. In the case of any wear and tear, they repair or completely renovate them to look like new. The providers can examine your workplace and suggest the right kind of furniture for your needs. A good company always provides a vast range of the latest designs or traditional designs, colors and sizes and you have great options to choose from that best suit your office design, space, and budget.


Before purchasing, you should examine each item thoroughly to ascertain its quality and strength. It should be durable enough to withstand office use, and chairs should have comfortable seats and sturdy legs. Tables should be well polished with smooth and shiny tops. If you are looking for cabinets and drawers,their functioning should be smooth, making sure the cabinets open and shut properly, their joining points should be rust free. The drawers must slide in and out in smooth manner without making any loud sounds. You can bargain a lot from the provider, especially if you are buying a large amount of furniture. There are many furniture companies that provide excellent goods, top-quality designs and services with moving facilities. They take care your possessions and deliver safe,reliable, and on-time services. You can enjoy your furniture’s worth if you choose a furniture company that provides the best and highest quality used furniture for your business needs.


Get low-cost, high-quality used furniture with Tri County Office Furniture. We are leading supplier of new and pre-owned furniture for all office needs. We pride ourselves in delivering top-end, high-quality and latest design furniture with exemplary services. Call us or visit our office and get stylish as well as durable furniture by investing minimal amount of money.

12 Dec

Furniture Moving Companies and Their Top Benefits

If you are considering moving your office from one place to another, you also need assistance moving your office furniture. With your extremely busy schedule, it makes perfect sense to hire a furniture moving company. They will help you to move to the new location in a quick and efficient manner. Here are some of the top benefits of hiring the one.

Smooth process

Moving is not only emotionally draining but also physically hard. Your home or office may be filled with lot of large scale furniture items for you to move. If you’re considering assistance from family members, friends, or colleagues, this might take lot of time as well as lack professional assistance. To carry out the move on a smooth note, it is essential to hire the services of professional moving company.

Better packing, organization, loading, and unloading

Professional movers organize and pack your furniture in a manner that renders it completely safe during the move. This is because they have experience packing the items into the appropriate containers or boxes. On reaching the destination, they unload the items, unpack them and even organize them at the desired location. This will make your entire experience hassle-free so that you can concentrate on other important aspects.

Peace of mind

The unparalleled commitment and dedication of the professional movers gives you peace of mind that your belongings will reach the destination safely. You will realize that your job will be done faster and more efficient way than you could have done alone. This saves you time as you don’t have to spend hours getting things done on time.


Initially, the services of a professional mover may seem expensive when compared to doing it yourself. But when you have a look at their other services like packing, organizing, insurance, and transportation, it will surely turn out to be a cost-effective package. They also use robust containers to safeguard the fragile items.

If looking for a company to assist you in moving the furniture across the town safely, get in touch with Tri-County Office Furniture. Trust you’re most precious possession to us and we'll provide you the same great service that has made us a leading local business. We are fully licensed and insured for your protection. Call us to hire prompt and reliable services.

29 Nov

Used Office Furniture-Save Money without Compromising Style

Are you looking to expand your business? If so, then you may need a lot of office equipment including tables, chairs, and desks so that the entire workforce can work properly. However, if you are running short on budget and want to invest the money in other vital products, then you should consider buying pre-owned office furniture. It can save you a great deal of money without sacrificing your style.

Why you should consider purchasing used furniture?

Buying brand new furniture for your office can be an expensive endeavor, especially when you have other business aspects to focus on. Pre-owned furniture is a good choice as you can get high quality items at a much lower rate. There are many companies who sell the furniture with little wear and tear. Another economical option is to find a sale and pick up items that fit your budget.

From where can you buy?

If you don’t have time to step out and look for the required equipment's, you can have a look at local classified ads given by owners of furniture. You can even search online and check out the companies that provide pre-owned items. The online catalogs are user-friendly as they display the pictures and their prices in a vivid manner. Choose the one that offers high quality furniture at a discounted price.

Depicts style

There is often a misconception that pre-owned furniture is out of style. However, this is not true. If you purchase the items from a business that was not open long, you can find some very stylish furnishings. Your personal choice also matters a lot. You need to be selective about the equipment you choose.

Safe delivery of the items

If you don’t have time to pick up the items yourself, there are many companies that offer safe moving services. All they require is that you simply place an order. The company will deliver the furniture during their business hours. This allows you to focus on important business affairs.

If you’re considering changing your office furniture, give a thought of purchasing pre-owned desks, chairs, and cabinet. It is a great way to save money and get stylish equipment's at affordable rates.

We, at Tri Country Office Furniture provide high end and low cost office furniture. We also offer expert moving services to get your possessions across town smoothly, quickly, and professionally. Call us or you can e-mail us with any inquiries. We serve the areas of Rockland, Fairfield County and Westchester.